7 February 2013

I hear the birds on the summer breeze.

Outfit Post*

I am so sorry for abandoning Bambella recently, my uni work deadline was this Monday so for the past 2 weeks I was staying up until 5am, getting up at 8am and not stopping in between. But I've finally handed it in now so am able to get back to blogging and filming! This is a simple outfit I wore the other day after handing my work in to have a chill out day.

Grey dress & boots, Everything 5 Pounds // *Black dress, Fabody* // Headband & tights, Primark // Bracelet, Ebay // Ring, Not On The Highstreet
I was also lucky enough to be sent these two 'Body's from Fabody to try. For those of you who don't know, Fabody's 'The Body' is a versatile dress that can be worn either as an under layer which I personally prefer it as, as a dress on its own, or even at the gym which I think I might use it as also. They come in black and nude, is available in 4 sizes, and one of my favourite features - it has a non-ride-up hem at the bottom to stick it to your skin and stop it riding up which, if you're like me and are constantly pulling you're skirts and dresses down, is a big bonus.

Personally, I prefer the black one as I find the nude one washes me out as I'm quite pale and isn't as flattering as the black. They're supposed to suck you in a little, giving a nice silhouette, which it does a bit although not as much as Spandex for example, but this item is a lot more comfortable and are a lot better for everyday wear. For more information, prices and sizes visit their website here.

Nude 'Body' modelled by my gyal Claire


  1. Those boots are so good for £5, the body dresses seem like a clever idea, they look good for wearing under slightly shorter things :) x

  2. wow this look is lovely! you look fab, thanks for introducing the brand, gonna have a look now!

  3. I could really do with one of under dresses, sheer things make me feel uncomfortable! I love the wristband :) x

  4. Can't believe those boots were a fiver, brilliant! Like the idea of the sticky bottom on the body vests! X


  5. Oooh going to have a nosey at those dresses, they would be super handy to have. Well done on handing in your coursework!xxx



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