19 January 2013

You’re untouchable when you realize.

Life Update

I just want to do a quick post saying sorry for being so poopy. Bambella's had to take a back seat for the past week and will have to in the next few weeks too due to uni deadlines. Because I changed course a month into the year, I was already a month behind on Photography work, and then over Christmas I was set onto changing again to fashion once I'd returned (therefore not doing any work over the holidays), but unfortunately it was too late to change so now have to carry on with photography for the rest of this year. So that's a lovely total of 2 months worth of work I have to do in 2 weeks. And quite frankly, it is not fun. I'm hoping to get lots done before the deadline so I can get posting on here again sooner rather than later.

As I've been away due to uni work, I thought I might as well share a little with you! I'm currently working on a self portrait project which is easy to bosh out quickly as I don't have to worry about finding models, etc! Below are a few images from different shoots I've done. I hope you like them!

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  1. Hope you get everything done in time. The photos you've taken are great :) x

  2. Great photos!! Good luck with your work xx

  3. Good luck on getting everything finished on time and beautiful photos!

  4. these photos are lovely, i always found photoshoots such a hassle when you had to find models and locations etc! hope you get all your work sorted :) ox

  5. They're all really great! The one with the fairy lights is my favourite x

  6. Oh wow your photography is so beautiful - I love the first three lots! Good luck with the rest of your work lovely xx

  7. beautiful photos alex! shame you couldn't switch to fashion :(

    Julia x

  8. amazing photography! and good luck with all the work-i've had loads recently too :( xx

  9. Such lovely photography :) your close up is beautiful. Good luck with your work :) x

  10. I love your photos, you have a talent :) xo

  11. You tweeted me your lik tonight and just making my way up my list of tweets.. I have come across your pae before and remember cas i complimented you on your header! its awesome. Just wanted to say these photos are fantastic and good luck with uni x


  12. I quite like the close-up shot :)

    - Allie

  13. Aw sorry to hear you can't change yet! Your pictures are amazingly beautiful though, all of them! :) xx

  14. Uni stuff is daunting but its worth it in the end

    Please come and check out my latest post if you have a few minutes spare :)





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