24 January 2013

If I had a gun, I'd shoot a hole into the sun.

Guest Post

Today I'm happy to give you my first ever guest post! It's from the lovely Brooke over at Belts and Bangles. I hope you enjoy her great tips on beating the freezing cold!
First, a little about her:
Brooke Samsonite (@brookesamsonite) is a twenty-something residing in Indianapolis who is inspired by Lifestyle & Entertainment, Home D├ęcor /Home Improvement, Travel, and writing. Having only recently spread her always-fashionable wings and started freelance writing, Brooke loves to blog (over @ Belts & Bangles and Cooks & Travel Books) about her extensive experiences and offer valuable resources to inspire others.

Tips for Beating the Bitter Cold
As temperatures plummet, you may find yourself throwing on the same bulky sweaters day in and day out simply because they keep you toasty. While warm is good, your outfit can definitely lack in the cute department when you're clad in sweaters and jeans or leggings every day. Likewise, while Minnetonka moccasins are perfectly fine for chilling at home, they're not going to cut it for walking through sleet, snow and slush. So how do you reboot your wardrobe for a more fashion-friendly winter?
Warm Base Layer 
While you'll freeze on your walk to work or class, you're almost certain to swelter inside a heated building. Prep yourself for this temperature change by building a warm base outfit that can lose a layer easily when you get too hot. Think tights and a dress, with a blazer or cardigan thrown on top. When you get too hot, ditch the cardigan. Or try jeans, a tunic, a thin jacket and a cowl as your base layer. You can lose either the cowl or jacket (or both) and still look pulled together.
Once you've got your warm base layers, add a winter jacket. Peacoats work well for early winter, but you'll probably want something with down or down-alternative insulation for February's lows. If you can afford it, consider shelling out for an everyday winter coat in a classic neutral—think black, charcoal or dove grey—and a fun winter coat you can wear for a night out. Your so-called statement coat helps you switch it up when you're bored with your everyday look and can allow you to take advantage of outerwear trends without splurging on a coat that will be out of date in a couple of seasons.
Accessorize with Care
Fun winter accessories will perk up almost any outfit. The more scarves, hats and gloves or mittens you have on hand, the more you can switch it up and avoid outfit fatigue. To beat the winter doldrums, try neon and bright-color winter accessories, or incorporate studs and leather for an urban street style. Don't forget about fashion socks and legwear to keep your feet warm under those furry boots. Once you've got a stable of winter accessories, play mix-and-match each morning to keep your style fresh and fun.
 Beef Up Your Booties
Those riding boots and low-slung booties you loved all through fall won't take you very far into winter. To stay warm, your feet need insulating boots. Think sheepskin, fleece or faux-fur lined. Waterproof is a must if you live in the snow belt or you don't want your boots to get that white "snow line" so common in Uggs that have seen a few too many winters.
You don't have to overspend to get warm and stylish winter accessories, coats and boots. Shop seasonal sales, hit up thrift stores or even host an accessory swap with your besties to enhance your sartorial stash.
Thank you so much Brooke for this great guest post! If anyone else fancies guest posting for me please email me at alex-maceachern@hotmail.co.uk. I'd really appreciate some at the moment as uni work is keeping me so busy and I don't want to leave my blog in the shadows!

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  1. I hate the gold weather, I layering up on the chunky knitwear and the big boots at the moment! :)


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