10 December 2012

You fit me better than my favourite sweater.


A few days ago it was mine and Jack's second anniversary so we popped on the train to the Eden Project for the day for a spot of lunch, ice skating and reindeer gazing. The day was so lovely (even if it felt like half of it was spent travelling!) and it just reminded me even more of how lucky I am!

I thought firstly I'd show you what I wore on the day out as I've done quite a few 'life' posts recently so I want to even it out! It was so chilly that day, but armed with my faux leather gloved and knitted head band, I stayed nice and toasty.

The rest of the pictures from the day out will be up in my next post!

Outside just before Ice skating, and inside the super hot rainforest dome!   Head band, Accessorize // Coat, Forever 21 // Dress worn as top, Topshop //Waistcoat, vintage // Skirt, New Look // Gloves, Primark

Necklace, Ebay

Boots, Runway Shoes // Socks, Topshop

Bag, Everything 5 Pounds

Anniversary present from Jack, beautiful knot ring


  1. Gorgeous outfit, so simple yet great! You look lovely! xxx

  2. Aw you are just so pretty :) And your outfit is lovely - I especially love that waistcoat xoxo

  3. You look so so pretty. The ring is lovely! x

  4. Beautiful bag - that's exactly what I need to carry all my books around next semester xx

  5. "Eh~ Sexy lady
    Op op op op"

    You look fabulous!


  6. Lovely outfit sweet! I'm obsessed with everything5pounds lol ;)
    Wild Wolf
    Sil xxxx

  7. I absolutely love this outfit. The waistcoat adds such an individual touch to the other items. Your anniversary day out sounds absolutely perfect too!
    Elise x


  8. such a cutie, hope you guys had an amazing day


  9. aw congrats on your anniversary honey, sounds like a really cute day out, im so jelous you're in cornwall! hehe cute ehadband too, and i have those socks (in every colour cos im sad like that haha) x

  10. You look lovely and it sounds like you had a lovely day celebrating (: xx


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