15 December 2012

You first took my hand on a cold Christmas Eve.


As it's only 10 day until Christmas, and I know fully well that Jack has been a little last minute and hasn't got a few presents yet, I thought I'd create a very simple, little stocking-filler wishlist for Jack and also for you all to have a peek at what I'm asking for!

1 // Wooly socks. I'm really not fussy where from, as long as they keep my feet warm! (These ones were River Island).

2 // 9 to 5 Cleansing Lotion from Lush.

3 // Gold hair band/clip from H&M.

4 // The Scrub of Your Life or Scrub Actually from Soap and Glory. I don't want both, I just can't remember which one I used before and loved.

5 // Va Va Voom mascara from 17. I'm in need of a top up!

6 // Turkish Delight. Now to be honest, I don't really know why I have this on here. I just absolutely love it and haven't had proper Turkish Delight for years so wouldn't mind that as a little food-filler.

7 // Rimmel Matte Finish Top Coat from Rimmel.

8 // Black studded clutch bag from Primark.

9 // Brazened Honey fresh face mask from Lush.

10 // Cherry Carmex from Boots. My lips are suffering so much this winter, I need as much TLC as I can get for them.

11 // Dark Angels fresh cleanser from Lush.

12 // Stippling brush from Real Techniques. Everyone raves on about these brushed so I'm desperate to try one out!

13 // Take The Heat, heat protection from Aussie. I never use heat protection so I really should start.

14 // Bubblegum lip scrub from Lush.

15 // Ayesha fresh face mask from Lush.

By no means am I expecting to get all of this, it's just a little list of ideas for Jack and my family! Are you wishing for any of these bits this year too?

(None of these images are my own)


  1. The lip scrubs from lush are lovely! xxx

  2. This is such a lovely post! Everything you selected is right up my alley! :)x

  3. I like using dark angels as a cleansing mask before I hop in the shower. You listed some good items I hope you get them for Christmas.

  4. Great list - I swear by carmex. I bought a studded Primark clutch this summer and I am soooo in love with it! It's holding up pretty well for a 6 pounds buy! Much cheaper than the Topshop one too xxx

  5. I love the lip scrub and mine is almost done :( x

  6. Big fan of lush and so is my hubby who gets really dry skin! That lip scrub is so gorgeous I find myself applying it just to lick it off!! :) xx


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