5 December 2012

When my days look low, pull me in close and don't let me go.

Give Away Winner!

A few weeks back I reached 200 followers on my little blog (woop toop!) and to celebrate I decided to do a cheeky give away. I got a whole 1250 total entries so I was glad to see people actually wanted to enter (I said to jack I was worried no one at all would enter!)! The give away ended a few days ago, so a winner now needs to be picked...

So therefore I'd like to say congratulations to Emma Kelly from @emmak_25 for winning my first ever 200 follower give away! I've emailed you so if you could reply that would be wonderful!

Thank you to everyone else who entered! If I could afford to give everyone a little something I really would (but the uni fund wouldn't quite cover that!).

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