16 December 2012

Picture perfect memories, scattered all around the floor.

Alex's Life

I seem to be doing quite a few 'Alex's Life' posts recently but I guess I've just been busy (let me know if you like them or not!)! A few weeks or so back now, my flat and I all put in a few pounds and bought a load of food and drink to have a uni Christmas meal. I had such a good time; the food was so so good (we probably should have stopped after the 3rd course!) and the company was even better. Since being at uni, I'd forgotten what it felt like to be completely stuffed, but oh boy, have I been reminded haha! Below are a few snaps of the evening.

Turkey fresh out the oven!
Swan place names made by Mel
Cheeky bit of bucks fizz!
The table crammed with food
Christmas dinner
All the guys and gals. Left to right: Emily, Mel, Lexie, Will, Dan, Dan, Becky, Claire and yours truly
Candy cane chocolate covered marshmallow stick (try saying that after a glass or two of bucks fizz!) made by me to be hung on our tree
Gorgeous truffles made by Becky
Left over chocolate covered marshmallows for hot chocolates
Outfit of the night: Necklace, gifted // Strapless dress worn as top, Very // Skirt, Ebay // Boots, Runway Shoes


  1. This looks lovely! The food looks yummy too and you look very pretty! Love the outfit
    Cute post! Keep them coming please :)


  2. You look lovely in that outfit! Great pictures. xx

  3. Great post :)
    We have a flat xmas dinner every year but this year they all scattered early so we didn't have time :( - 3 out of our 7 are left so we're doing a mini one before we leave

  4. I love all the home made treats! I really miss uni christmas dinners!
    Catherine x - brighton-girl.blogspot.co.uk

  5. Wow everything looks amazing and so so yummy, especially the festive chocolatey desserts! Love the swan place cards too, they're so cute! xxx

  6. Aw the roast turkey looks lovely! I had a flat Christmas Lunch in my halls today too, it was so nice as everyone was going home this week :-)
    Just came across your blog tonight, so sweet :)
    bonjourluce.blogspot.com xx

  7. Your blog is beautiful and so are you!
    Thank you for sending me the link :)




  8. such a lovely post! amazing pictures and you look super adorable! loving the skirt!!


  9. Oh wow, all those sweet treats look fantastic! I wish I'd been able to do this while at uni, but unfortunately we never had so much as a dining table! Haha. I love seeing people go all out and really get into the festive spirit though, and it looks like you guys certainly did that.
    Hope you had a lovely time!
    Mel xx


  10. Looks Like a super evening, food looks delish! x

  11. I'd like to eat all of that food right now please. The marshmallow candy canes are adorable!

    Emily Wears Things

  12. Cute outfit. Truffles look delish! x


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