2 December 2012

Life fast, die young, bad girls do it well.


I was having a little browse at my wardrobe the other day and realised I have so many bottoms that I don't wear. I seem to just stick to a few skirts and trousers at the moment as things like jeans are easy to wear and not much thought or time goes into thinking of an outfit, but I'm starting to get a little bored. As it's only a little while until I leave uni for Christmas (woohoo!) I thought I'd set myself a mini challenge.

I counted them all up and I have a total of 27 different bottoms (not including tights that can go with the endless amounts of dresses I own!) which about 3/4 of these, I rarely wear. So I've decided that until I return home from uni, I must wear a different bottom everyday (I'll be carrying this on after I return in January, but I'm unable to do it over Christmas as I have limited space to take clothes home in on the train). I know this may seem like an easy challenge, but once you actually start doing it, it's more difficult than you'd think!

Below is an outfit I wore recently to just do bits and bobs around uni and other odd jobs. I couldn't be bothered to put make up on that day so apologies for the boiled egg look I'm going for! I couldn't resist a bit of lippy though ;)

Top // Jeans // Denim Jacket



  1. I have so many skirts and trousers that go unworn, this is a good idea. Your nails are so cute too x

  2. Awesome idea, and that outfit is lovely! Love your denim jacket too, its great! xxx

  3. I love your fairy lights and your nails are adorable (: ox

  4. the brogues are gooooorgeous! xx

  5. I have the same problem - I don't know if you're the same but I really can't be bothered to rummage through my wardrobe for clothes when I'm just going to lectures! It's such a great idea to make a conscious effort to wear everything xx

  6. Ditto! I have so many jeans I tend to just stick with the same few pairs. Your shoes are gorgeous and I love your nails I find them so Christmassy!

    Just Smile.

  7. This is a great idea, I can't wait to see what you come up with.
    Gorgeous outfit and I can not believe what a bargain the shoes are!
    Elise x



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