12 December 2012

I tried out a smile, and I aimed it at you. You must have missed it, you always do.

Alex's Life

So as for my last post I shared what I wore when Jack and I went out for our anniversary day, I thought today I'd share the rest of the pictures from the day! Sorry it may be a little picture heavy, I just had such a nice day and didn't want to stop photographing everything!

The domes in the day, and later on when getting dark

The amazing food hall
In the rainforest dome
Rainforest dome

Rainforest dome
Beautiful flowers in the rainforest dome
In front of the amazing indoor waterfall
Statues in the second dome
Playing around with the letter magnets
Sorry for this image, I don't think the lady I asked to take this picture had ever held a camera before!

Outside the domes (lol, sexy fringe)
My main man, and Jack;)

Reindeer's in their hut

Hehehe he's got his mouth open

Yay for tourists!
Inside the ice rink
Entrance to the ice rink
Looking out at the gardens
Attempting to get a picture of the cork popping off.. but failing miserably by it popping off by itself

Our evening meal, accompanied by some champagne (two years old so means it was made when we started going out mehehe)


  1. Looks like such a wonderful place, and seems like you had a lovely day! Great pictures too! xxx

  2. Aren't you two just the cutest!

    P.s those reindeer melted my heart SO cute!


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