22 December 2012

How'd you like me now?


I'm a little late with this outfit as in fact I wore this dress over two weeks ago now for my uni's Christmas ball, but I still wanted to share as I plan on wearing it on Christmas day and maybe new years too!

My flat girls and I all went shopping last minute to find things to wear for the ball, and as I had something really specific in mind, I found it really hard to find a dress I loved (until I walk into River Island that is!). You may have seen here, that I was looking for, ideally, a black and gold dress with some sort of curley pattern on the material. This one I bought wasn't 100% what I wanted but it was the closest I could find so I'm still very happy with it.

It fits perfectly and with the 3/4 sleeves, it makes it perfect for this time of year as it adds a little more warmth. As you can hopefully see, the whole dress is covered in sequins which is perfect for this glitzy season, but do be aware that a few do occasionally fall off!

As the pattern is very in your face, I thought I'd go simple with the accessories and opted for my Runway Shoes boots, gold vintage stud earrings, black tights and a plain clutch bag (not photographed).

Dress, River Island (I can't seem to find it online) // Tights, Primark // Boots, Runway Fashion


  1. You're so bloody pretty! Love the dress :)

    Julia xx

  2. You look gorgeous! Your dress is great, and the pattern and detailing on it is lovely! xxx

  3. You look stunning hun, fabulous dress!


  4. You looks so lovely :) I went to a Christmas ball at uni too, it was really fun! xx


  5. You look absolutely amazing :) x

  6. You look stunning! I love this outfit, really suits you. Now I want a dress like that :))
    X Deja

  7. You look amazing! That dress looks beautiful on you xxx

  8. You look amazing! Gorgeous dress x


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