12 December 2012

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Easy lifestyle changes for healthy and beautiful skin*

Covering us from head to toe, our skin acts as a barrier against the world so it’s no wonder we're all constantly battling our individual skin demons. Having beautiful skin can make all the difference in preparing you to face the day. Luckily Johnson's have all the expertise to offer easy to follow body care advice to keep your skin hydrated, firm and smooth.

Firstly, in order to keep your skin hydrated doctors recommend drinking plenty of water, eating fresh fruit and vegetables and trying to consume less alcohol. When your skin is feeling dry Johnson's 24 Hour Body Wash is also a great way to inject some much needed moisture into your skin, resulting in a healthy, soft and moisturised body.

The sun is one of the biggest dangers to your skin as it will cause ageing and can even cause skin cancer. Doctors encourage avoiding any midday sun and always using a SPF 15 sun protector. A tan can make you feel fantastic but instead of risking damaging your skin it’s much safer to try using the Johnson's award winning Holiday Skin range to create a gorgeous and safe tan that gradually builds and blends with your own skin tone giving a stunning sun kissed look.

Stretch marks are an extremely common skin problem and can make us feel down because of their unsightly nature. It’s important to remember that nearly everyone has them in some form or other during their life but doctors recommend keeping a steady weight and keeping your skin moisturised and nourished to minimise any scarring.  New Johnson's Skin Perfecting Oil enriched with vitamin E will really help to visibly reduce any marks and generally perfect your skin in as little as 4 weeks.

Finally, for great healthy skin make sure you get all the beauty sleep you need.  Getting a good night’s sleep can be hard but sleep deprivation will leave you looking and feeling exhausted. If you’re feeling stressed this can really affect your sleep pattern so using Johnson's Dreamy Skin Bath will help you calm down and unwind enabling a perfect and deep night's sleep as well as moisturising and cleaning your skin, leaving you strong and healthy for the day ahead.

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  1. Love the title of this blogpost, it drew me straight in. I'm a huge fan of Johnson's too :)


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