7 December 2012

A girl's gotta have her favourite things.


I was contacted by a lovely lady form Matches Fashion recently to ask if I'd like to take a look at their site and share it with you all.

I'm currently looking for a new coat. But not just any coat. I need a huge, warm, cosy, winter proof coat that will keep me nice and toasty when Christmas shopping and going on walks with the family. As anyone would be (unless you're a millionaire), I was a little shocked when I looked at the prices of some of the Matches Fashion's coats, but then seeing the well known, kings and queens of fashion's names on the labels, it became more understandable.

Now don't get me wrong, the chances of me being able to afford any of these now or in the future is not likely, but some of you may be wallet-blessed and have the cash to spend on these beautiful items. But for the rest of you like me, I though I'd share some of my favourite coats (and day dream about holding that winning lottery ticket and purchasing my first Alexander McQueen piece.. ah a girl can dream eh?).

One // Two // Three // Four

One // Coats don't really get more gorgeous than this. Alexander McQueen has got it so right with the peplum style design, deep wine colour and feminine fit. Unfortunately it's made, if I'm not mistaken, with real fox fur which does put me off as I'm against the use of real fur in clothes, but if this was made with faux fur it would be perfecto.

Two // This Diane Von Furstenberg cape wouldn't be as warm as the others, but worn with a chunky knit under would make it great for winter. This also allows an easy change into autumn and spring. It looks so chic both done up and undone, and the material and zip add that little extra va va voom.

Three // I'm totally in love with this black feather number. It's so different to anything I've seen before and I particularly love the contrast between the feathers and leather. Bravo Maison Martin Margiela, bravo.

Four // Number four doesn't look as 'designer' as the others as it looks like a Topshop style coat, but that is definitely no bad thing! The fur collar is gorgeous (although again real fur, boo!) and the colour goes perfectly with the coats material.

To see more of their gorgeous coats, click here! I'd love to know your favourite! Mine has to be either one of three.

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