9 November 2012

She got her head in the clouds and she's not backing down.


Yet ANOTHER haul for you today! Been a naughty girl and been spending, but I don't feel too bad as it's all ridiculously cheap, so s'all good ;)

My boo and I went to Truro the other day to get him a new coat and some bits for my give away, and of course ended up spending a little more on other things I don't reaaaally need, but did quite like! I also ordered a few more bits from Everything 5 Pounds after I got back so I'll share those bits too.

I'd love to know your favourite pieces! Are you going to be ordering anything that I got?

Stretcher style earrings - Topshop. Only £1.50 I think. // Bird skull earrings - I can't remember the name of the shop! It was a little one in Truro. These were only £1.

Casual tops - Topman. These were only £2 each in the sale! Might have to go back and get some more in different colours.

Red satchel - Everything 5 Pounds. I cannot express how gorgeous this bag is, it's such a lovely size, material and colour. I'm in love!!

Black satchel - Everything 5 Pounds. Ignore the funny shaped handle! I put it in my wardrobe upside down and accidentally bent the handle. It will go back to normal soon hopefully!
White and brown detail bag - Everything 5 Pounds.
Wedge trainers - Everything 5 Pounds. If you order these, I suggest you get a size smaller than your actual size as these are quite a big fit.
Chunky knit jumper - Everything 5 Pounds. I don't actually remember ordering this but I must have as it came and I was charged haha! This has a little pink mark on the arm which is annoying but it will come off easy enough.

100 Calorie Snack Book - Amazon. // Lip balm - Dr. Lipp. I bought these both online a few days ago and am yet to recieve them. I'll do a review on the lip balm soon! (These pictures are not my own).


  1. oooooo bargains from everything is 5 pounds. i think i can justify this shop even when on a ban?! hehe I love truro, its so cute! xx

  2. you're such a bargain hunter, i love all those bags! and the wedge trainers are beautiful

    Julia xx

  3. I have looked on 'everything is 5 pounds' and they some really nice stuff for a fiveer! x

  4. i looked before and they didnt have any good stuff they must now!! great stuff hun xxx

  5. The knit jumper looks so pretty! xx

  6. might just have to order from everything is 5 pounds as the quality isn't as bad as I thought it would be


  7. thank you so much for introducing me to this everything £5 shop! it's so wonderful, i need to buy everything haha! x

  8. Wow i need to get myself on 'everything 5 pounds' - that satchel looks good enough to be zara! you picked some lovely things. I just found your blog via the BBloggers blog hop by the way :) now following and having a read through of your posts - new follower :) xx

  9. Very pretty red satchel! Great post!


  10. The red & black bags look lovely, I wouldn't have guessed they were from Everything 5 Pounds x

  11. Got to love a good bargain! The red satchel and wedge trainers are lovely, don't think there is an 'Everything Five Pounds' near me though :(
    Mel x


  12. wow what a bargain! really nice blog by the way xx


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