28 November 2012

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Skinny jeans: fashion minefield?*

If you aren’t Naomi Campbell, the chances are that, at some point, you’ve had
doubts about wearing skinny jeans. Are young legs long enough? Are your calves
toned enough? Is your bum too big? Are your hips too wide? On top of that initial
anxiety, the actual experience of shopping for skinny jeans can be a nightmare. Most
women know that whatever your size, shopping for jeans can involve long hours in
harshly lit changing rooms squeezing into ill-fitting styles, often with limited success.

Part of the issue is that a really great looking pair of jeans needs to fit like a glove.
That’s why Levi’s have adopted a novel approach to shopping for jeans. Rather than
shopping for jeans based purely on waist size and leg length, Levi’s Curve iD system
takes the shape of your lower half and the proportion of your waist and hips into
account, resulting in a better fit. Sadly, at £90 a pop, the Levi’s Curve iD system is
probably not the most economical solution to finding the right skinny jeans.

So what should you bear in mind when shopping for skinny jeans on the high street?


If you’re worried about your hips and thighs, a deep indigo blue or black is your best
friend as wearing darker colours on your lower half is an effective way of drawing
attention from your problem areas. By contrast, if you have short legs, go for a bold
colour to lengthen the leg.


Not all skinny jeans are the same, so if you’re worried about drawing too much
attention to your bum go for straight leg rather than ultra-skinny jean as this will help
to balance your frame.


It never hurts to think about what you would wear your jeans with. Paired with heels,
skinny jeans will make your legs appear longer. Equally, skinny jeans always look
great paired with chunky boots for off-duty chic.

If hunting the high street seems a daunting task, you can always shop online.
Very.co.uk’s collection of skinny jeans is stylish, and the jeans are certainly more
affordable than the Levi’s version. So, fear not and go forth into the world of skinny


  1. Love this post! Great help! Thanks for posting! xxx

  2. I love the title of this post...after all the ATL boys know a thing or two about skinny jeans! ;)

  3. great tips! I hateeee shopping for jeans so I will try to bare these in mind! xx



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