25 November 2012

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Outfit Challenge

A friend of mine, Juila from Juila Alice, recently wrote a post creating a beautiful outfit all from ASOS. I was interested as to what it was for and it turned out it was for the Xmas Party Outfit Blogger Challenge from fashionvouchers.com. The idea is that you need to go to a selected merchants’ website (from the list they give that can be found here) and put together a killer outfit for £100 or less. After having a browse I decided I wanted to participate in this challenge (my first ever!) and, as we all know, being a cheap skate, I wanted to get as much as I could within the £100 budget so chose George from ASDA as my merchant. I only recently started shopping in ASDA but have a new found love for their lovely and very affordable clothes, so knew I could create a pretty good outfit (if I do say so myself!). I'm very pleased with my selections, especially as George is so reasonably priced, I managed to get literally a WHOLE outfit, undies, tights and all!

Necklace // Jacket // Clutch // Shoes // Dress // Underwear Set // Tights

Simimlarly to a few of my previous posts, I chose to theme this outfit around Christmas, and more specifically I imagined an outfit I'd chose to wear at the winter ball my uni is holding this year. This dress is so gorgeous (and only £20!!), and being gold and glittery it's perfect for this festive season. As the dress is the main piece in this outfit, I opted for simple accessories like the delicate necklace, small clutch bag and simple black jacket. The shoes I chose are quite low but with a long dress you have to be weary of the height of heals as you don't want the bottom of the dress in an awkward and unflattering place. And of course, to finish off the whole outfit, every girl feels at her best (and if like me, also like a Victoria's Secret model) when in matching underwear, especially if the underwear also matches your dress! This whole outfit only comes to a mere £80.50(!) so it's good in you wardrobe and on your wallet! That's ASDA price (clink clink) and all that!

For more info on how you can enter this outfit challenge, click here!

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  1. I can't believe you put together that entire look for under $100! What a stunning dress. I've been loving that deep copper color lately. :)


  2. ive been loving asda clothing lately!



  3. Love the fabric on this dress


  4. That dress is lovely, never would've guessed it's Asda!x


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