22 November 2012

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Wish List*

I was recently contacted by House of Fraser asking me if I'd like to take a look at their gorgeous shoe collection and maybe share a few of my favourites with you all. I don't know about you but if I'm being totally honest, I rarely think of places like House of Fraser when going shopping, possibly due to how much I expect things to be priced at (what I thought was far from a students budget!). But after having a browse I was pleasantly surprised. There was of course still a lot for prices out of my personal reach, but there are also plenty that I could easily afford as a Christmas treat to myself (Mamo if you're reading this, please don't get annoyed if I maybe order a few more pairs of shoes, they're just so pretty!).

As it's coming up to Christmas and I previously posted a wish list of dresses I'd love for the holidays, I thought I'd link these up and share the shoes I am totally loving for this festive season too. House of Fraser have such a wide selection of shoes, I thought I'd go through each category showing you my favourites from each!

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight
One // I found these beauties in the court shoes section which surprised me as I often think of court shoes as a what-middle-aged-women-wear-to-the-office style, but according to House of Fraser, it seems not! They have a lovely selection but this pair particularly caught my eye. They're such a simple but classy design and would go with any Christmas dress! In particular, I love the strap with the little silver buckle detail. Just perfect.

Two // These shoes would go perfectly with any of the dresses I previously posted about. The black and gold go together to effortlessly for this season and the T bar style of the sandal would flatter any leg (which if you're like me, you'll need all the flattering you can get after a few weeks of mince pies and mulled wine!).

Three // Fortunately for me, the morning of Christmas is pretty chilled out until about 11 when we realise people are on their way and the turkeys not even in the oven yet, meaning that by the time it comes to the afternoon, everyone's exhausted and full to the brim and most definitely not fancying that Christmas day walk that I know many family's go on. But if unlike me you do enjoy a relaxing walk, but don't fancy wearing your new heals up the hill, these high top trainers could not be more perfect. Flats? Check. Comfortable? Check. Perfect for Christmas by being as glittery as they possibly could be? Double check!

Four // I'm not sure what it is, but ever since I was little I've loved when women wore long boots. I've just always thought they look so elegant and sophisticated, so when I saw these in the boot section, I had no choice other than to put them on this list. I love the buckle detail and the perfect height heel makes them classy yet sexy at the same time. LOVE!

Five // You may have noticed, I've stuck to the black and gold look I went for with the dresses within these shoes too, and these brogues are no exception. The stud detailing adds a little bit of an edge to an other wise quite plain shoe, making them perfect for these holidays. Simple, but with bling. Just what Christmas should be! ;)

Six and Seven // These two are both very similar but I love them individually nonetheless. I found six in the loafer section and seven under pumps. I've never been a lover of loafers or pumps but these really stand out to me, as the studs on both give them that little bit of 'pow' and turn a simple, little pair of shoes into a potential worn-to-death pair (as Mamo would say!).

Eight // No Christmas day is complete without a cosy pair of slippers to shove on at the end of the day whilst drinking warm mulled wine and squeezing in that last little bit of chocolate log. This lovely pair are in fact UGGs but of course can be purchased at House of Fraser. I've never tried on these slippers, but I've tried normal UGG boots and from that I can only assume these will be just as snuggley, warm and fluffy. I really love the design too, the colour is lovely and the little brown cord makes them even cuter!

I hope you all liked my choices and will now go and have a browse yourself, I really recommend it! My favourite out of them all has to be numbers one and three! I'd love to know your favourites!?

Visit House of Fraser for more beautiful designer shoes like these by clicking here!


  1. Pairs one and five are my favourite. Gorgeous picks!


  2. I think I like everything that you've picked! The first pair in particular are gorgeous!

  3. lovely choices! great blog!


  4. Just found your blog dear. Love your selections especially n. 2 5 and 7 :)

    Hope you'll come to visit me :))
    Kisses, The Spotted Cherry Pie

  5. Oh wow, I love those boots. Always looks so classy.




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