2 November 2012

Don't let them say you aren't beautiful.


Before uni, I was told by Mamo to save money. Of course, I didn't want to as it was the summer and wanted to buy endless bikinis and Frappuccinos but I forced myself as hard as I could to not spend, and by the time uni came around, I'd saved a fair bit of dosh. So when I arrived, I wanted to treat myself a little and have a spend. Below are half the things I've bought so far, I'll be doing another post with the rest tomorrow (I just don't want 25 pictures on one post!).

MAMO! If you are reading this, either A) Stop reading and press the little X in the top corner, or B) read it but promise you won't tell me off, pleaaaasey!

Pleather skirt, New Look (similar)
Mustard Jeans, Matalan
Checked skirt, Everything5pounds.com
Fur lined coatigan, Matalan
Black jeggins, New Look
Green jeans, River Island
Striped top, New Look (similar)
Grey dress, Everything5pounds.com (similar)
Peplum top, New Look
Mustard shirt, Matalan
Grey cardigan, Matalan
Sequin collar shirt, Everything5pounds (similar)


  1. gorgeus haul!! :) :) :) I love the mustard shirt and jeans! The coat looks so cosy and warm too! :P Well Done on saving! lol xoxo

  2. seriously need to invest in a mustard shirt!! the sequin collared one is gorgeous as well :)) xox

  3. That fur lined coat is so unique, will be getting my butt down to Matalan sometime soon! x

  4. Wow, you got some brilliant items from everything5pounds! The sequin collar blouse is gorgeous!

    xo, Jasmine from vintagerosethoughts.blogspot.co.uk

  5. Wow I thought I had bought a lot haha! I love that sequin collar shirt :)

    Julia x

  6. I love the mustard shirt and jeans, I'm a sucker for the colour. The collared shirt is gorgeous!


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