14 October 2012

When the phone rang and I though it was you and I sprung like a kid who just got out of school.

This Week In Instagram

Arm candy // Washing undies in the sink like a true student // Happy Birthday Olivia! // JOTD

Trying out hair tutorials // Online shopping, oops! // Flowers and waves in my hair // Trying the Aussie 3 minute treatment

Trying khaki eye shadow // Uni OOTD // Sketchbook - Typography // Sketchbook - Text tree

Sketchbook - Drawing animals // Uni FOTD // Getting creative for a future guest post! // Purple and pink spotty nails

Doing work with Celebrity Juice // Sailor nails // Brooch I bought but don't know how to wear, help?! // Halloween make up

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  1. you're so pretty alex! I love your halloween makeup

    Julia xxxx

  2. alex, i think this is one of my favourite posts of yours :) you look amazing with a fringe, it really suits you! oh and waashing panties in the sink, we've all been there! haha xx

  3. Love the sailor nail design! :) The flowers and waves in your hair suit you so well xx

  4. your sketchbook stuff looks amazing! i'd love to see some more of your artwork, if you wouldn't mind sharing? :) xx


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