6 October 2012

Saturday Seven - Week 7

Saturday Seven

Sadly my trusty 6 year old iPod Nano broke recently so I'm in need of something new. It's well out of my price range, but this iPod Touch is gorgeous!

My straighteners broke a short while ago and was using Mamo's until I left for uni and as I obviously couldn't take her's, I had to buy some more. I got this GHD Scarlett Collection Deluxe Gift Set from Gorgeous Shop online for only £115 (which seems a lot, but bearing in mind I got straighteners, clips, hair dryer, cap, bag and a beautiful box!).
Berry red bubble nails.
(Seriously, it's so good, try it).

My lovely Daisy from Daisy Cakes. Firstly, she's so perdy. Secondly, she's reasonably new so go over, say hi, and don't forget to follow if you like!
Just a little Disney fact, poor Goofy.
I thought I'd share this little book sculpture I made a year or so ago. It was for my 6th form final project, based on Alice in Wonderland. See more here!

(Images 1 + 5 are not my own)


  1. That book sculpture is amaaazing! xx

  2. That's really good for the ghds! I paid that four years ago for just the straighteners! Lovely post! Xxx

  3. You have a really lovely blog -- that book sculpture is incredible :)

    I found you on the #bbloggers bloghop & I'm now following you on GFC, take a look at my blog & follow back if you like :)



  4. Your artwork looks amazing and your nails look so cute<3

    //teandtwosugars.blogspot.com xx


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