9 October 2012

Let the beat control your body, you and me there’s no one watching.


I've been a bit absent on the whole outfit posts recently as, since moving to Falmouth, I haven't found a place I particularly like to take the photos. But as people seem to like them I thought I'd do a few in a temporary spot until I find place I really like!

This is what I wore the other day to uni (stupidly with the price tag out on my skirt as I forgot to take it off after buying it, cringe!). It was pretty chilly that day so I opted for something nice and warm with my denim shirt which was originally my step-dads (just bearing in mind he wore it a long time ago when it was OK for middle aged men to wear denim shirts), my new pleather skater skirt and my new black boots.

I was a little unsure when I first picked up the skirt as I couldn't immediately think of what I'd wear with it but after taking it home and taking it for a wardrobe test drive, I'm more than happy as it goes with a surprising amount! It is oober comfortable too as the waistband is elastic and the material isn't stiff at all as I'd imagined it would be before feeling it.

Shirt, gifted (similar here) // Skirt, New Look (not exact one, but similar here) // Tights, Primark // Boots, Runway Shoes // Bracelet, gifted (similar here) // Spike Necklace, gifted // Cross Earrings, DIY (similar here)


  1. This look is fabulous, i am searching for a similar skirt (a little long on me though, as i have thunder thighs) but i love that you teamed it with a denim shirt, i might have to copy!

    Love the fringe!


  2. The skirt looks stunning on you! great blog :) xo

  3. I literally wore the same outfit out the other day hah :) I love denim shirts and these leather-look skirts! Your boots are cute :)

    Robyn Mayday

  4. oh I love those boots, thinking of getting a pair myself :)

  5. You are too freaking cute, I want one of those skirts. I was scared I wouldn't be able to pull it off though but you look lush so I think I'm going to purchase one so I can look like you and we can be twins ;) xxxx

  6. What a beautiful outfit! Love it. :) xx

  7. You look absolutely gorgeous here lovely! And I'm loving your fringe, you make me want one! xo

  8. You look so so nice! Love everything about this outfit xx


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