26 October 2012

I turned my back you were gone in a flash like you always do.

Guest Post

As you may or may not have known, Lily from Red Brick Lipstick came to stay with me at uni for a few days this week. Although I had to go in for lectures and leave her on her own in my room a few times (sorry Lily!), the time spent together was really fun and I'm so glad she came to visit. I didn't have much spare time as I wanted to be entertaining Lily, so hence why I haven't posted in a few days so I'm sorry!

Recently I was asked to write a guest post for E-tail's blog and it was finally published on Wednesday of this week (yay!), so I thought I'd just inform you all of it and share the link if you're interested in reading it! As it was to be published a week before Halloween, I decided to do something on that theme. You can read it yourself, but if you like Halloween, dressing up, DIY and make up, I think (hope!) you'll like my guest post!

Click here to read my guest post.


  1. I have no idea what to do for halloween as I have no time, but I love the clown idea! I'll most likely end up going for a cat, and I'll definitely be making those ears x

  2. Those are some pretty cute Halloween ideas,oh and I just love the bunny tail :)

  3. Ohh my god I love your ideas! Everything's so affordable and easy to recreate, can't even decide which one to go for :) Love the cat ears xx

  4. Such a great post and you look amazing!



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