30 September 2012

What's the run dude?

This Week In Instagram

Ikea uni shopping // My baby Jojo // My other baby Charlie // Tacky but amazing gift for Mamo

Packing for uni (that's just the shoes!) // Charlie helping // Jack's birthday presents // Baby Jack!
New photos // Joey attacked me :( // New uni room! // Gorgeous view on the bus on the way to uni
Leaving meal with the family and Lilo // New boots // New MUA goodies // Amazing coffee shop in Falmouth town
New top // A night in with Anchorman, cookies and hot chocolate // Sunshine finally! // Freebees from the freshers fair

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  1. can't believe how cute your kitties are! hope you're enjoying uni :) ox

  2. That baby is adorable, it looks like he was completely spoilt by the photo of his gifts.

  3. Aww Jack is so adorable and so are your cats :D I wish my passport photos were like yours mine just look like criminal snapshots! :S Gorgeous boots!

    Just Smile.


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