25 September 2012

Spread your wings my little butterfly.

Day Out For Mamo's Birthday (Part 2)

If you saw my last post, you may be aware that for Mamo's birthday, we all had a little outing to the circus and to a tea room for lunch a couple of Saturdays ago. In part one I showed you what I wore which can be seen here, so I thought next I'd show you a few snaps I took at the circus!

Ever since I was little I've always had a love for the circus. I think it has something to do with the fact I was a gymnast for years and years and have always loved the idea of someone's day job simply performing and flipping about! I visited this same circus (Giffords Circus if anyone's interested) a few years back but loved it just as much this time.

I'd also just like to say a quick sorry for being so absent recently. I moved into university on Saturday so since then I've been unpacking, meeting people, and just generally sorting things out so have been a very busy bee! These next two weeks will be quite busy too I'd imagine, so I will do my best to keep on top of posting, but I can't promise anything!

The Ring

Little Ellie getting excited before the show
Tight rope walker and gymnasts

Talented doggy and tap dancing duo who also happens to be able to spin on his head
Tight rope walker
Tweedy the clown
Ellie having an amazing time and Auntie Nats and Ellie joining in at the end
Scary bird lady
Ellie enjoying the show


  1. Awh this is cute, I love the circus it's makes me feel all old fashioned(:

  2. I love the circus and this one looks really cute and tiny, just my thing (: I haven't been for years and years but I remember always being amazed by the tightrope walker and wondering if he'd ever fall off. (: xx


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