29 September 2012

Saturday Seven - Week 5+6

Saturday Seven

Today I'll be mixing last week and this weeks Saturday Sevens as I simply didn't have time to do it last week due to moving into uni on that day, sorry!

This jumper wouldn't have been on this wish post, if I hadn't accidentally removed it from by basket just before ordering some clothes recently, oops! But as I did, here it is. I haven't really got into the whole florescent thing, but I quite like this, bringing a bit of bright colour into a wintery piece. // I love this bag. I'm in need of a new large one to carry all my uni bits and this is so simple but just perfect.
A few of the things I recently treated myself to. Boots (dupes of Topshop ones, but for only £26, score!) // and more MUA make-up, lipstick shade 2 and foundation shade 2. I'll be doing a post solely on MUA soon!
Lilac and white spots. Using Models Own (they're having a massive 50% off sale at the moment!).
Message to my family back in Cheltenham.
Moi Minnie. Something a bit different. Still very fashion and make-up focused but with a very individual twist.
Seemed appropriate as it is freshers week after all! From: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-568/Alcohol-The-Facts.html
A cheeky sneak preview of one of my give away goodies for reaching 100 followers!

(Images 1 and 5 are not my own)


  1. I love the jumper, the neon is so cute. I alos really love the boots you bought.

  2. Would love to see a review of the MUA foundation. I was looking at them the other day but my local SD is crap and hardly had any

  3. No way does beer not cause beer bellies?!
    So I can drink beer without getting fat?!
    I love your new boots and I love this sort of post :)

  4. Thanks for picking my blog for your pretty little feature! I'm so glad you like it, thanks so much for your lovely words! Kisses from www.moiminnie.blogspot.com! xx


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