15 September 2012

Saturday Seven - week 4

Saturday Seven

IPhone 5 - I'm so upset about this. I made a mistake in thinking that my contract was conveniently ending just after the IPhone 5 came out. In actual fact, my contract has another YEAR left on it. No IPhone yet :(
No, sadly I haven't made a mistake here. Due to going to uni next week, I've been saving like mad and haven't bought anything. No presents from me to me this week.
Nail Art -Barry M 'Silver Cascade'
Thank-you Nats!
Julia Alice - This gorgeous girl is also going to Falmouth to uni and I'm so looking forward to meeting her! Check out her blog, her style is so classy but also funky. Yes I said funky.
Just because I love owls ;) From http://funny2.com/facts.htm
Harts N Crosses - Check out this shop! We all know I love cheap everything and anything, and this little store is super cheap. I'm especially loving these high tops, this bag, these necklaces and especially this cute dress.

Also!! I got 100 followers today! Just wanted to say a little thank you to the 103 who have followed me and read this. So odd but lovely to think that people actually read my little blog, but thank you! Keep a look out for a give away I'll be doing very soon! It will be excitingggg! 


  1. I Love Harts + crosses, great stuff!! I love the F21 bits.


  2. I love this saturday seven idea :) bellinibeauty.blogspot.co.uk

  3. I love these posts, such a nice idea! Your messages are also so nice xx

  4. oh hai! MY MAMA GOT AN IPHONE! how depressing is that? she's too scared to use it to :( jazzy nails! yes, i did just say jazzy.

    WUV YOU. pls don't leave for uni. k. fanks. bi

  5. Aw girlllll, I can't wait to meet you either! I so so want the iPhone 5 too, look how pretty it is!!

    Julia xxx

  6. your nails look gorgeous :) congrats on hitting 100 followers! I'm still stuck with my Blackberry for more than a year as well but I'd love to get an iPhone 5 though! xx

  7. This is a really good idea for a post ;) love it xx


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