13 September 2012

Money is the anthem, of success. So put on mascara, and your party dress.

Leaving Tea Party With Lily

Yesterday evening, my mum and I went over the road to Lily's house to have a little tea party with her mum, dad, sister and of course Lily herself to celebrate me heading off to university. Everything looked so beautiful and the food was so delicious! I had such a lovely evening eating and chatting away, so Lori if you're reading this (which I'm sure you will be as we found out, out of you, my friend and my own mother(!), you're the only one who actually reads my blog!), thank you! :)

It was a party after all so I wanted to wear something a little dressy, but as it was a tea party I thought I should wear something more cutesy and girly. I went for this little orange dress from Desire Clothing I bought a while back. I love this dress so much, it's so pretty with a lace back detail (which I forgot to photograph, oops!) and it's shirt-like top, and the fit is perfect too. It was only £10 in the sale, so also a pretty good deal! On my feet I opted for my favourite heals from Everything 5 Pounds and little socks from Topshop.

Sorry this post is a bit picture heavy, I just want to share all the lovely things with you!

What I wore
Dress, Desire Clothing (similar here and here) // Bracelet, My Grandma's (similar here and here) // Belt, Room 31 (came with skirt, similar here) // Socks, Topshop // Shoes, Everything 5 Pounds (similar here). What do you think of the little colour bars at the top? I quite like it.
Over at Lily's
The table.

Pussytat in a basket, and berrys in teacups.

The most amazing cookies.

Flower decorations, and home-made pink lemonade.

Drinking pink lemonade in jars.

Raspberry swirl and green pistachio nut meringues, and finger sandwiches.

Lily and me, and our matching socks.


  1. You have the sweetest blog! I am a new follower for sure :)

    The tea party looks so gorgeous, best of luck for university!

    xx Carina

  2. That is the coolest tea party EVER!!! i am sad i didn't attend and your dress is fabulous.


  3. this is absolutely adorable :) they made such an effort with all the food, and the cat in the basket!! hehe
    drinking out of jam jars is the best, i went to a bar the other night that served everything in jam jars, its the cutest touch! xxx
    ps i have those socks too, in like evry colour! hehe

  4. What a beautiful post !! I love it :) will you tweet me what camera you use love ?


  5. Very sweet, and I LOVE those ankle socks from Topshop, I have 3 pairs already

  6. Such a cute tea party I'm so jealous! You two are ridiculously pretty xxx


  7. You both look so pretty! I want to come for a tea party! :)

    http://www.danielleyc.com/ xx

  8. awesome shoes! xx


  9. Adorable photos and adorable blog!

    x Camille @ WILDFLEUR

  10. Adorable photos and adorable blog!

    x Camille @ WILDFLEUR

  11. I love that dress :) it looks like you had such a wonderful time, everything looks so pretty


  12. you're really pretty and I love your dresses too! also the pictures of your tea party are probs the most beautiful pictures I've seen in a long time everything is looking so posh xx

  13. Love this outfit! Please check out my blog Shazenax.blogspot.com xxx

  14. Looks like you had such a lovely day here. You and Lily both look so lovely! You cutie pies xxxx

  15. You have such a cute blog! I'm so happy I found you on the bbloggers blog hop :) xx

  16. I love your blog!! You seen to have gained a few new followers recently and I'm glad to be among them xx

  17. so so so lovely! i'm definitely a new follower of yours :P
    oh, and good luck in university!



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