27 September 2012

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My Room At University

So it's happened! After the pain of the applications, interviews, portfolios, waiting for responses and then waiting for what feels like years to start, I have finally arrived at university! I'm studying illustration at the University College Falmouth and am loving it!

Being a typical girl I not only over packed, I over packed the over packing. I brought ridiculous amounts of clothes, shoes, handbags, art supplies, toiletries and anything else you can think of. But after 2 and half days of solidly unpacking, I have finally finished and just wanted to share my little humble abode with you all! I'd love to know what you all think!

Packing. This was only half of it. Now you see what I mean by over packing on the over packing.
After unloading the car.

So messy!
Yay tidy.

My new clothes rack (always wanted one, eek!), and goodies on my shelves.

My cute en suite, and a little decoration from home.

Desk and window area, and storage pots.
Window bunting.
Clothes on my new rail.
Balloon from the fam!


  1. You've made your room so homely, I love all the little touches. Good luck at uni :) xx

  2. Awh your room looks so cute! i love the way that you have stored everything(:

  3. It lovely! Much nicer than most student rooms I've seen. And you got an en suite, lucky thing! I have a clothes rail and I love having everything out of display. xx

  4. AWW!you're room looks really cute and cosy. I love the way you've arranged everything. Good luck at uni!! I hope you enjoy your time there :) xxx

  5. your room is so much nicer than most uni halls! hope you have a good time xx

  6. Nice room ;) I hope you have a good time!

  7. this was totally me last year! :) only your room is about twice as nice, ahha. i love the way you set everything up and all the photos.
    good luck in uni! <3

  8. Aw your room looks so so lovely!

    Julia xx

  9. Looks lovely, the kill me now bit on your gif made me laugh! xx

  10. What a lovely room! I would kill for my own bathroom. I have to share it with 5 other people (usually dirty boys) and it's driving me mad.

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

  11. You're room is gorgeous!
    I'm surprised at how large it is, the rooms at the uni's around here are tiny.
    I hope you're having a fantastic time!

  12. YAY! firstly, you've blogged! and yay! you've moved it and it looks so pretty! I love it so much! I'm definitely coming down to see you! I'm so excited! I couldn't help but wet myself a the gif! love you and miss you lots!<3<3

  13. Hey I'm at Falmouth too! What block are you in? I'm studying Photography! Would be great to meet up if you're free! xx

    1. Oh sweet! Im in GV B! You? Yeah would be really cool! xxxx

  14. Wow, I'd be the same with the packing. Going on holiday is a nightmare! Your room looks amazing, so lucky with an en suite as well :)

    Just Smile.

  15. Oooh I agree with the girls, such a lovely room! Everything looks so nice and cosy :) Unfortunately my room looks like the messy version of yours all the time haha xx

  16. WHat a lovely room the ones at my local uni halls are awful x

  17. Your room looks really lovely :) You will have to keep us updated on your adventures in falmouth/uni. I'm thinking of applying there myself :) x

  18. Your room is actually beautiful <3 xo


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