26 September 2012

Do you think we'll be in love forever?

Day Out For Mamo's Birthday (Part 3)

Yesterday I posted part two about my outing with my aunt, grandma and Mamo for her birthday. We firstly when to the circus and then headed to a little tea room back home called Well Walk Tea Room for a spot of lunch. This tea room is unbelievably cute, it's full to the brim of little nik naks and ornaments and has just such a lovely feel to it. The prices are amazing too, I can't remember exactly but I had a Stilton pot with bread and a slice of cake which came to around £6ish I think (but don't quote me!).

The day we went was very busy and occasionally something such as a drink was forgotten from our order, but I totally forgive them as a) like I said, it was very busy that day, b) I've been there many times before and have never had a single problem, and c) we got a free slice of cake as an apology for the mistake ;) so you can't complain, yano!

Grandma, Nats, Mamo and me outside
Decorative tea sets
Pretty sugar pot
Downstairs in the tea room

One of the windows

What I had - Stilton pot with toast and butter and home-made lemonade, then a slice of gorgeous chocolate cake and a café frappé


  1. aah I so wish there were tea rooms like that near me, so cute! xx

  2. Beautiful rooms ;) Happy birthday for your Mom ;)

  3. Such a pretty place - I love it!

  4. What a beautiful tea room! :D I'd love to go somewhere like that. And yay for free cake! :D x

  5. Your photos are spectacular. It's such a beautiful room.
    I hope you had a wonderful time!

  6. Wow, this tea shop is too sweet! Just found your blog through Daisy on Twitter, and it's so lovely! Definitely following! :)


  7. Everything looks so posh I'm jealous, looks like it's been a lovely day :) The tea room is super cute xx

  8. Man I wish I could go, everything is just so cute and lovely. I want it all! x


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