19 September 2012

Baby's all dressed up with no where to go.

Day Out For Mamo's Birthday (Part 1)

This Friday it's my Mamo's birthday and this Saturday just gone my aunt, grandma, Mamo and I all had a day out at Giffords Circus and then a little tea room where I live called Well Walk Tea Room. It was such a lovely day as the sun decided to make an appearance and stayed reasonably warm throughout the day. As there's a fair few pictures from the day, I've decided to share it in three parts. It makes it easier and more enjoyable for both you and me!

So, as the sun was shining and we were going to the circus after all, I thought I'd go for these big flowery trousers as, even if it's warm, they can't really be worn on a grey day as they would look silly so I thought I'd make the most of the sunshine and as we were off to the circus, they're quite clown-like and appropriate! They were given to me from my grandma who used to wear them over 30 years ago(!) and are originally from Miss Selfridge (nice to see some brands in fact can last for decades!). The top was also an old one of my grandmas and the bag was given to me from Mamo who bought it in Greece about 25 years ago! So a pretty old outfit haha!

Top, was my grandma's (similar here and here) // Belt, came with skirt from Room31 (similar here) // Bag, was my mum's (similar here and here) // Necklace, gifted (similar here) // Trousers, were my grandmas (similar here and here) // Shoes, old from Primark (similar here and here)


  1. I love that! you look so cute and in Vintage nonetheless, i have several dresses from my Gran and i love to wear them!

    I just love your blog!


  2. You pull off those pants really well ! I love how it all looks together. And bag is awesome! I want one looking like that :)

    xo Deja
    Deja Zu

  3. Such a cute outfit!! Lovely blog x

  4. Love the outfit - I could never pull of those trousers but you look good in them! x

  5. Hello! Just thought I'd drop by seen as you were lovely enough to find a similiar necklace to yours on twitter! :) Thank you so much again!! I will be buying it with my birthday money very soon. :)

    I love this outfit! You really pull off the printed trousers so well.

    The backpack is also really cute. :)


  6. Oh gosh! Those pants are just gorgeous! And I love the whole outfit! Well done :)

  7. Lovely outfit! There's something about vintage pieces I adore maybe it's the stories I imagine they're telling :) The trousers and the necklace are my fav pieces :) x

  8. Your gran has taste! Love the outfit, the little backpack is so cute! xx

    xo, Jasmine from vintagerosethoughts.blogspot.co.uk

  9. I love this outfit so much! And I love it even more knowing there's a history behind it. You look gorgeous. xx

  10. lovely outfit! i adore your room, its so cute :)

    great blog, now following xx

    a thousand million words


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