16 August 2012

Walking gets too boring when you learn how to fly.

Gosh it's been a while since I last posted! I've been a busy bunny though so it's not becasue I've been lazy. This last weekend my lovely Aunt Samantha got married and then the next day was my birthday so hence the lack of posting!

The wedding was lovely, it was really sunny all day which was fortunate as the days before and after both poured down with rain. The ceremony was held in a sweet little church in Tewkesbury and later, the reception at Gupshill Manor. The reception was beautiful, sun shining outside in the garden in the day and once the sun had set, thousands of fairy lights lit up, looking like a little fairy's palace.

I wore my hair in (what was a very poor attempt at) a half up, half down bow. My dress was given to me from my boyfriends mum and the shoes I purchased the day before in Topshop for £20 from £42, so a pretty nice deal there!

A, other aunts hair that I styled // B, canap├ęs whilst getting ready // C, Jack and me on our way there // D, my bow hair style // E, Jack and me outside the church // F, my beautiful Mama // G, My Mama and me outside the church // H, my adorable little cousin Ellie and me // I, the bride and groom's two children, Kaiden and Lola // J, the lovely bride and groom, Sam and Anthony // K, at the reception // L, Sam and Anthony with their car plate saying 'Samantha and Anthony 11th August 2012' // M, a literal cheese cake // N, the pretty and pink wedding cake // O, their wedding car // P, reception decorations // Q, Jack and me at the reception dinner.

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