9 August 2012

She spoke words that would melt in your hands.

On Tuesday I met in town with my wonderful friend Grace for coffee and chats. I was meeting her later on so I went to town early to do a little browsing and buying. Where I live, there's a lovely little craft shop called Sue's Crafts. I doesn't look like much from the outside, and once inside it's only small, but I love spending half an hour or so just wondering round looking at everything. My mind goes mad with DIY ideas at every little thing I look at, so usually takes me a while to get round!

For a while now I've wanted to get my hands on some collar clips (not sure if that's their actual name?) but a lot of the time they're quite expensive considering they're only tiny collar decorations. There are some lovely ones around like this one from Topshop, this one from Etsy and this one from Asos Marketplace, but for prices like £12.50, £32 and £15, I'd rather just make my own. So when in Sue's Crafts I saw these little gold button looking things with chains hanging from them. I wasn't and am still not sure now what they're actually used for but I instantly wanted to make them into collar clips so bought them at the nifty little price of £1.85! I knew I already had all the tools at home to make them into clips so overall cost me just £1.85! A much more 'me' price than £32! Especially as I can say I made them, which always makes an item that much more exciting and personal.

How they came in the shop.

So to make this yourself, all you need are the button chain things (sorry, I have no idea what they're actually called!) shown above, some blank stud earrings, super glue and possibly some jewellery pliers.

How to:

1) Turn buttons and chain upside down to see how much room you have for the earring blanks to go.

2) If there is enough room for the earring blanks to fit on the back without being seen, take the super glue and glue them to the top of the backs of the buttons. As my earring backs were too big, I had to use the pliers to cut off half the disc.
Back of button. Shows the earring back with half the disc cut off to fit.
 3) Leave for a good half an hour or so to ensure the super glue is completely dry. Then add the earring butterflies and you're done!

I hope that all made sense! It's surprisingly hard to write about how you do something rather than just showing it. Maybe next time I'll try showing you in a video? It's pretty self explanatory, but if you don't understand anything, just comment below and I'll do my best to help!

But anyway, there you go, DIY collar clips for just £1.85! And so so easy to make too. Please let me know if you try it, I'd love to see how other people's turn out!

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