25 August 2012

Saturday Seven - week 1.

I was having a cup of tea the other day whilst enjoying my little 'idea hour' where I sit for an hour or so and just think of ideas for various things, and thought about doing a weekly feature on here. I often see them on blogs and really like this sort of organised blogging as I am myself a very organised person. I didn't want to just do a simple wish list or anything else I'd seen on other blogs though, so thought about how I could make it a little more unique.

After a bit of thinking, I have chosen to do a weekly Saturday post called 'Saturday Seven' where I have seven subjects and write a little about each one in one post. The subjects will be the same every week except for the seventh which will change weekly, just to spice things up a bit! The subjects will be:

1) Wish - sort of like a wish list but rather than a list, just one item that week that I'm loving.
2) Bought - an item I bought that week.
3) Nail Art - a nail design I did that week.
4) Message - a small message to someone in my life.
5) Blog - a blog suggestion, one which I love, did an interesting post, recently found, etc.
6) Good Deed - I try and do a few good deeds every week, so I will share that weeks deed (gotta get karma on your side, yano!).
7) Will change weekly.

I know this is all a bit random, but I quite like mixing things up so I rather like this idea, and hopefully you will too! So without further ado, here's week 1 of Saturday Seven!!

Models Own's new collection 'MIRRORBALL'.  Launches on the 10th September on their website and on the 3rd October in Boots stores nationwide. £5 each, £20 gift set of 5. (Not my image)

Blue and green flowery dress from Everything 5 Pounds.
Galaxy nails. Using Chanel Blue Satin, BYS French White, Models Own Lilac Dream and Models Own Ibiza Mix.

How to of galaxy nails.

Message to my Moma.

A Pair And A Spare - One of the first blogs I ever started reading and made me want to start my own blog. (Not my image)

I cleaned my Grandma's whole house for her.

Haha! I like silly facts ;)

[Images one and six are not my own.]


  1. I love this, such a great idea, & the message to your mum is lovely.
    Haha, that fact is so random too, didn't half make me giggle. Your blog is lovely, really enjoyed having a good old snoop.

    New follower
    Much love xxx


    1. Thank you so much! I was so unsure about it at first! xx

  2. I love this idea for a post! that dress is super cute and so is your blog :) xxx


  3. I love this idea :) so unique!xx

    1. Yay thank you! That's what I was hoping for it to be, unique :) xx

  4. I am so so in love with your blog. You NEED more followers! Love from another Cheltenham girl!!xx
    Samantha's Secret

  5. This is a really good idea! Personal and practical :) xx

    1. Thankyouuu! I like making things personal sometimes, hopefully means readers will feel they know me better! xx

  6. This is such a good idea for a post, I really enjoyed reading it! The message to your mum is so lovely! :)

    Rhiannon xxx


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