24 August 2012

My mind's racing from chasing pirates.

So as I'm sure you're aware by now, I like cheap stuff. The cheaper the better. I'm not even overly fussed by the quality as I can usually adjust it to make it okay. So when I first found out about the online store Everything 5 Pounds, I was one VERY happy lady! I love shopping there as it's such guilty free shopping as everything is £5, and postage is only about £3. A lot of their items, especially shoes I find, are amazing quality. Not just amazing for quality for £5, but just amazing full stop!

I talked a little about them in this post as I bought a lovely pair of shoes from there for a friends birthday present, but I wanted to do a full post about them, as they are most definitely one of my favourite shops! I must just say though, when looking through their items, it is a little like charity shop shopping in that not everything is amazing (not in my opinion anyway) so you have 'search' rather than just 'browse' as you might do in Topshop say. But saying that, I don't want anyone to be put off as, if you are looking for a bargain, you must look on here first!

Like I said, I've bought a few things from Everything 5 Pounds previously, and thought it wouldn't be a proper feature if I didn't show some of my own items! So below are a handful of shoes, one bag, and one lovely dress which I purchased from their shop.

First up are these little booties I bought a while back. They are a lovely off white/cream colour with a fur detail on the collar fold. They are so comfortable and warm and I love them! They feel so well made too, which is usually a good thing with shoes! ;)

Second are these navy blue ankle boots with a little heal. Normally I'm not a fan of small heals, but these are just perfect. I wear these shoes so much, and seeing as I've had them for about a year, they are still in amazing condition. These are one of my favourite pairs of shoes, not just from Everything 5 pounds, but out of all the shoes I own. If they happen to have these back in stock I highly recommend you all buy them.

Next are these gorgeous yellow wedges. It's hard to make them not look floppy without those transparent shoe holder things, but you get the idea. These are so comfortable and look good with probably 80% of all the clothes I own which is handy! They are nice and high, but not hard to walk in at all.

These shoes. Oh these shoes. I love them SO SO much I can't even explain. They are so well made, with all the detailing like the little gold trim and the double layered material. They have a sued like material covering them making them look and feel about £50, not £5! I got so many compliments when I wore them out recently, so a very good buy.


Next is this large brown duffle type bag and the only bag I've bought from there so far. Considering the price, this bag has done amazingly. I have an awful habit of putting way too much into bags, and evidently breaking them, and this bag is no exception to the being-so-full-it-could-burst habit but has shown not a single sign of wear after about half a year so I am very pleased with this purchase.

This dress is the most recent purchase from Everything 5 Pounds, receiving it only this morning! As I hadn't bought any clothes from them before, I was unsure about the quality of it but once again, I was very presently surprised. It's a light-ish material but isn't so thin that it's see-through. It has a lovely underskirt giving a little bit of puff at the bottom rather than just straight up and down. I love the V neck and the 3/4 arms as it gives it a little bit more of an edge, as supposed to your average dress. This is yet another item I highly recommend and can be purchased here (but be quick, the nicer things on the site go almost instantly!)

So there you have my purchases and a little about them. I hope this has convinced you to at least look at there shop as I really do love it. A couple of things to remember: 1) check if any reviews are written as they may advise getting a size up or down, or other useful information and are nearly always correct; 2) they have Facebook and Twitter, where they show stock updates (which are everyday, so keep checking!) and also do a weekly bag give away. Below are a few pieces they have at the moment which I really like. Happy cheap shopping!!

1) Black panel top. 2) Green sheer blouse. 3) Black and yellow heals. 4) White and brown brogues. 5) Black rucksack. 6) Red leather look satchel. 7) Black lace collar dress. 8) Collar checked dress. [Images not my own]


  1. wow! I think I'll need to check out this site! the shoes are gorgeous! xx

    1. Do it do it! You won't regret it! Like I said not everything is amazing, but you do get a few jems! xx


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