31 August 2012

Inside my little head I'm happy ever after.

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Like nearly every other British person, I have completely given up on summer now and am thinking of the weather more as autumn. And as the weather changes, so do the wardrobes so I thought I would make a little autumn themed wish list, as now when I go shopping I'm looking more for wine reds and big chunky knits as supposed to white floral dresses and sandals.

Black Milk Clothing New York dress // River Island skirt // Matalan satchel // Topshop high-low dress // Topshop chelsea boots // H&M jumper

✭ For my 18th birthday present I got a paid trip to New York. Since then, it has now become my favourite place on the whole planet (that I've visited anyway!) and have dreams of living there in the future. I first saw this dress from Black Milk Clothing reasonably soon after I returned from New York and of course, instantly fell in love. Not only because of the beautiful skyline printed on it, but I also love the simple style of this dress as I find the body-con style dresses quite flattering on me. I know it's not autumny at all but I've had my eye on it for a while now and just wanted to share it. The model's body is also on the wish list, just thought I'd let you know. And the shoes.

✭ This skirt from River Island is quite plain but is one of those pieces that could go with more or less anything. I really like it, but am yet to dip my toes into the leather look material on clothes, but something like this is where I'd like to start!

✭ Only recently have I noticed I have a 'thing' for satchels. I seem to own many different style and colours, but this gorgeous one from Matalan is yet another I'd love! I love the mix of leather and suede look materials on it and the deep wine colour is so autumn, I think it fits perfectly on this list.

✭ I was browsing Topshop the other day, and walking round I instantly noticed this dress. The floral pattern is so lovely, but the colours take it away from summer florals and straight into autumn. I'm also love love loving the high-low skirts and dresses at the moment and this is no exception.

✭ A year or so ago I bought some really lovely blue suede-look ankle boots for only £5! They had them in other colours, including black, but I chose the blue instead. However much I love the blue, I'm kicking myself now as I so wish I purchased the black ones too. These amazing boots from Topshop recently reminded me of how much a fool I had been and now I've fallen desperately in love with these, but cannot find any similar and cheaper. I tried them on in the shop too, and to make the situation even harder, the fit was perfect and they are so comfortable. Gah! I'm such a fool!

✭ I spotted this jumper the other day on the H&M website and had to check it out. I already have one similar to this but in cream and this colour is so lovely I may have to get this too! I can see little peeping collars and chunky warm scarfs over the top when it starts to get really chilly. It's only £12.99 too so a good bargain to grab.

[Images are not my own.]


  1. That bag looks WAY too nice to be matalan! Beautiful! I also have my eye on those boots, just cannot justify buying them :(


    1. I know, it's so pretty! And yeah me either, they're so lovely but £75 is much too much :( They're called Alexy though so I feel like it's meant to be ;) xxx

  2. Oh my god I am getting that matalan bag! I have got so much love for you for showing that hehe xxx



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