27 August 2012

I want to meet the kind of folks I've never met.

I just wanted to do a really little post to let you all know that I will be off for a week as I am holidaying in Cornwall from today. I have written some scheduled posts already and they should be popping up throughout the week (if I've done it right and it works!). I'm not sure what other people think about scheduled posts, but I think they are a great thing.

As that is more or less all I wish to say about going away, I thought I'd also share with you my most recent purchase, just to make this post a little less boring! I went for a little shopping outing with Lily the other day and althought I wasn't supposed to buy anything (sorry Mummy if you read this!), I bought this really warm chunky knit cardigan. It was from one of those really cheap shops that keep popping up in town out of no where, so I can't remember the name as there's so many now, but it was only £13! I haven't actually taken it off since I got it as this last week, it's been a bit chilly so my new cardi has been welcomed with open arms! It was a real bargain too as most knits like that are £30/£40+. I love the stud detailing down the side too as it just adds a little more to the simple cardigan.

Haha yay for standing awkwardly!


  1. i need that cardi studs and a cute little cardi = win. also whats your nail narish looks so lovely and galaxy :) xxx

    1. It's so cosy too! Thank you! I used a few, if you go to the link below and scroll down, it shows you have I used and how I did it! :)



  2. Your nails are INCREDIBLE!xxx


    1. Thank you! They look much better in real life haha ;) xx

  3. so jealous your going to cornwall, have an awesome time lovely.
    your cardy and nails are amazing!! heart! xx

  4. Love that cardigan! x


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