6 August 2012

Hello, my name is Alex, how do you do?


So as I'm sure you've guessed, I'm Alex. 18 from the South West of England. It's a beautiful town (as long as you're in the right parts!) but can get a little boring occasionally.

So to cure that boredom for the last few months I am at home until I embark on my university adventure down in Falmouth, I have decided to start this blog. Admittedly, I am one of those 'has-10-blogs-but-never-uses-one' kind of people. But I've stupidly always tried to blog about things that don't 100% interest me, hence the lack in interest to pursue these blogs. So being an arty, poor student who typically spends 23 hours a day looking at fashion websites and blogs, thinking of ways I can DIY them and working out how much cheaper I can buy/make things for; a blog based on these subjects seems pretty fitting. And so Bambella Blog is born.

Also before I start, how ever much I'd like to be, I'm far from any goddess at English unlike many bloggers. I write as best I can, but I apologise in advance for spelling, grammar and any other mistakes I make (the dyslexia doesn't help either!). Also, I have an awful habit of going on, and on.. and on. So I'll try and keep the blabing to a minimum.

Anyway, way too much text and not enough images for my liking so I shall stop now. But that's just a little intro to the Bambella Blog. I'm looking forward to sharing little bits of my life with anyone who's interested and I'm already looking forward to my first proper post! :D

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