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18 September 2014

Why Fashion Software is Important for Young Fashion Designers

i.LEVEL Software is one of the world’s leading fashion software solutions, developed solely for fashion brands. Why was it created? Well, read on…

If you’re an aspiring young designer, initially all you’ll be concerned with is creating your best possible designs and selling them in one or two retail outlets. That will feel like success. It is success. But what then?
Either your fashion brand treads water or you broaden both the range of designs and the channels your brand is sold in. You might venture into eCommerce (Amazon, eBay, La Redoute etc), create your own retail shop, go into retail concessions such as Debenham’s Web, or sell wholesale by using wholesale B2B fashion portals such as FashionTradeWeb. That’s all fine.

But how do you manage and monitor the clothing (and accessories) being sold across all your various sales channels? How do you keep tabs on your fashion stock inventory? How do you compare sales in one store versus another, or one website versus another? It’s almost impossible.

That’s why i.LEVEL was born, to eradicate the need for Excel spread sheets and late nights slaving over a computer working out which garment was sold where, which lines need discounting and which size range is set to become sold out with no replacements lined up! Instead, i.LEVEL’s fashion software offers a single customer view that shows you what is being sold, when and where – and it’s fully automated.

The video below is a two minute introductory overview of i.LEVEL’s fashion wholesale software. Take a look and, afterwards, if your brand needs to take a more professional approach to fashion stock control, fashion concessions and even fashion EPOS software, then contact i.LEVEL Software on 01234 761757 or email

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17 September 2014

Winter Princess Dress

As I'm only 21 years old, not engaged or planning on getting married any time soon, I haven't had the opportunity to try on wedding dresses yet. I have to say though, this amazing dress from Little Black Dress completely feels like wearing one! Either that or a winter princess. Or even a glamorous ghost seeing as it's not far off Halloween. Either way, I feel amazing when I wear this and have already found a perfect occasion to wear it.

Sadly though I do have to say, I'm only about 5,5" and it's a little short for me. I mean obviously not in the showing-your-bum way as it's a maxi dress, but personally I prefer maxis to just miss the floor when I wear them. This one does do that if I don't wear heels but to me this is a dress that screams out GO FULL GLAM and I think heels are a huge part of that. So just be aware when buying if you're taller than me!

Despite that though, this dress is simply perfect! The detailing on the top and tiny pom poms on the body just make it!


11 September 2014

This Month's Favourite Looks - #1 August

I've been seeing these posts an awful lot recently. I love love love looking at them and think they are a great way to share the blogging love and share my own favourite lads and ladies with you all! I personally have been featured in a few 'monthly outfit favourite' posts by people who I admire, so to be featured was mega flattering and would love to hopefully give other people a similar good feeling! Enjoy!

Amy at The Little Magpie - click here to see this look

Keiko at Keiko Lynn - click here to see this look

Ellie at Hello Ellenor - click here to see this look

Tiger at Easy Tiger - click here to see this look

Tiger at Easy Tiger - click here to see this look

Megan at Wonderful You - click here to see this look

9 September 2014

My 21st Birthday - Party and Presents!

It's been nearly a month since my 21st now but I've only just got round to finally uploading both my birthday party vlog and a presents haul on my Youtube channel, so I thought I'd share them on here with a couple of pictures from the day!

I also want to say a huuuuuge thank you to everyone who helped me with my party, who came, who gave me cards and presents and who just made it a brilliant weekend in general! Love you all!!

4 September 2014

September's Resolution

I have been so bad with my resolutions for the past few months. It's surprising easy to forget to do them and even easier to forget to put up the next month's post!

I'd been thinking for a few days what I'd like to do for this month. I thought about giving up alcohol, but I'm going to a wedding on Saturday and it's Jack's birthday later this month so I can see at least two opportunities to fail! I then thought about food but I've been on my 'lady time' (too much info? Sorry. Actually I don't care. Go away) so have been eating everything and anything in sight so would have failed that one within the first day of September!

Something I've been reading about lately is the benefits of sleeping without a pillow, a little random yes, but quite interesting too. I find that with blogging, uni work and general laziness I'm sitting down most hours in the day and have started to slump a bit. It goes without saying that it's a terrible habit where posture and health is concerned, but from years of gymnastics I have a bad back already and this is not helping the situation. So basically I am trying to realign and straighten my spine and hopefully reduce the daily pains in my back and neck.

From what I've read, you should slowly reduce pillow height rather than going straight for the mattress so this first week of September I have taken it down to one pillow from two, and if next week I'm getting used to it then I'll try down to perhaps a couple of t-shirts and then to nothing after that. My aim is basically that by the end of September I can sleep well and comfortably with no pillow (like Charlie and Joey are perfecting above) and for my back and neck pain to have reduced considerably!

Let's give it a go!

2 September 2014

Ark Kimono Wishlist

Whilst usually I say that I'm really behind with trends, I think I've caught this one just at the right time. I know I know, 'but summer's basically over Alex, what are you on about?' I hear you cry (ok, not really, but let's just pretend you did). I don't know about where you live, but for the past few months the weather has been so crazy good that even just a light kimono cover up would have me sweating like no-bodies business! So as the weather gets a little cooler, I'd say it's now the perfect kimono time as you want to cover up, but the sun is still shining so a full blown coat would be pretty unnecessary.

I haven't done a wishlist on here in a while so I thought I'd pop one up as I personally love to see what others are lusting over, so thought you lot might like to too! These kimonos below are all from Ark, but don't think it stops there. Their kimono collection has way more than just these 4 so be sure to have a look at the others if these don't take your fancy.  

left // right

These two above are my perfect printed kimono. Sunflowers are and always will be my favourite flower so this cover up on the right is utter perfection to me! As for the left, co-ords are still so big but I've only just started seeing matching kimonos with shorts/skirts, but this pair is now a firm fave.

left // right

A little bit of flower power again, but much more subtle, this white number on the left would be a perfect day time cover up, whilst this amaaaaazing black velvet one would be ideal for evenings as it would be a little thicker so would keep you warmer. I'm so lusting over this black one too as the back of it makes it even more special - click the link above to have a peek at why!

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23 August 2014

Baggy Patterened Long Shorts

I've seen a few people recently rocking long baggy shorts and I instantly fell in love with how they looked. These ones below are actually trousers but I just rolled them up as they were a little too short! I still love how they look nonetheless and have actually bought a few pairs of trousers from charity shops to cut and make into shorts.

Another new favourite is this gorgeous long coat from Goldie London. I feel like it's the perfect transitional piece to go from summer to autumn whilst still keeping the balance of temperatures and styles. I think this will be the start of a large collection of long, elegant coats and jackets! Especially this other one from Goldie London - so gorgeous!

*necklace // *trousers // *coat

21 August 2014

Mix Match Me - Playing Dress Up?

When I was younger, I used to have those paper dolls who would sit there in nothing but their undies until I dressed them in paper dresses with little tabs to hold them on (comment if you know what I'm talking about!). Then I'd move on to dressing up barbie dolls. Then rummaging in my fancy dress box to create some hilarious (although I thought it marvellous) outfit to show Mamo and Grandma. And now onto studying fashion design at uni. It's safe to say I'm a pretty big fan of styling! So when I was told about the Mix Match Me website, I was actually really excited to try it out.

A few of my styled outfits

I'll be honest with you, things like this usually bore me after 5 minutes but after 2 hours making online outfits, I realised it was time to maybe abort and step slowly away from the computer! Mix Match Me is basically a site where you can browse your favourite brands, style actual items in the virtual changing room, save outfits to your own virtual wardrobe, and if you find an outfit you really love, you can super easily click to buy the items! It's as simple as that.

With regards to other Mix Match Me users, you can follow them, like their outfits, see how they styled an item that you have your eye on, and even save their items to your own wardrobe as inspiration.

Below is a little video I made showing you how easy it is to use and how I created some of my looks! Be sure to check out the site and if you and are looking for some pre-made outfit ideas, check out my page here

 *This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.