23 September 2016



So much for posting throughout the week like I said. But honestly, I now find it hilarious to think that I'd actually have had time. Waking at 7am everyday, not getting into bed until around 12 mindnight each night and in between rushing from show to show (as Paris and I were doing social media, we had to be in every show, a total of 28) and posting online every possible second we could; the idea of blogging somewhere in there was a little hopeful.

Anyway, the first day we arrived was the Thursday. After the five hour train journey and dropping off our stuff where we were staying, we headed to Freemason's Hall for the breifing. After meeting everyone and getting an idea of what the week had to offer, Paris and I headed to Covent Garden and Oxford Street to pick up a few bits and desperately tried to keep our cool when we saw Charlotte Tilbury and Kate Moss at an event held in Covent Garden (Paris managed it, I went a little fan girl). We then headed home to bed to rest up for the next crazy few days.

Dress, Topshop // Hat, Primark // Shoes, Bohoo*

15 September 2016


I was so close to getting back to a good start and blogging continuously but of course, as always, life got in the way a little! This last week I graduated, moved house (kinda), was super ill so was in bed and started a new job so haven't had time to post.

I am currently on a train with Paris heading to London to work with Fashion Scout for London Fashion Week, and I am so excited! Our week is going to be crazy busy filled with watching shows, meeting people, photographing street style, and all whilst updating all of Fashion Scout's social media accounts along the way. Below are links to all the places to keep up to date with us this week if you fancy it. Paris and I are also going to be blogging on our personal blogs (as if we don't have enough to do already) so if you want to see our outfits (including collaborations with Quiz Clothing) and activity over this week then keep an eye out!

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2 September 2016



making friends really isn't as hard as you think - search for a house as soon as you can, even if you don't know who you'l live with yet - your first impressions of people are usually wrong - do make friends, but be prepared that they'll probable change soon - eat properly, trust me you can't live off tuna pasta for a month solid without the paramedics having to come to your room in halls - don't get too excited to have a load of money and blow it on stupid shit - make the most of not having too much work and explore the depths of the place you're at uni - you won't miss your family/friends as much as you think at first, you'll be too busy to even notice - don't be scared if you start to find things all a bit tough and getting too much, it's totally normal and most other people will feel the same - if you want a job, search hard as soon as you arrive, everyone else wants one too - make the most of your uni's facilities for personal work - photograph everything - film everything


you'll feel a bit lost, as though you don't know if you're coming or going, but it's normal, just go with it and whatever you do, don't quit unless you're 110% sure - when you move in with friends, be sure to actually do the things you say you will like cocktail nights and pamper evenings - take photos of everything when you move into a new place, you'll be glad to have the evidence when the landlord eventually accuses you of something that was already there before you moved in - remember that even though it's not a lot, this year counts so work hard but play just as hard - moving in with your friends, you'll find out things about them that you never knew could annoy you that much - if you're doing a course with an expensive final year (e.g creating a final collection for fashion design), start saving now - photograph everything - film everything


this will feel like the hardest thing you've ever had to do - all shit things seem to come at once - once it's over, you will feel the most relief and calm you've every felt - you'll feel guilty for 'wasting' time doing things like going to the toilet, sleeping and making food, but try not too, remember you need to look after yourself - you will discover how long you can stay alive without sleeping and eating proper food - the saying 'treat yo'self' will pop up in your head every half an hour - you will find yourself treating yo'self every half an hour - when it comes time to do your dissertation, don't put it off, just fucking do it, get it done and remember the sooner you start, the sooner you finish - friendships will be tough and odd - at the end you'll have a degree and will feel like the bosses ass bitch that ever lived - photograph everything - film everything