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7 September 2015

Tassel Skirts and Lace Up Boots

Do you ever get those outfits where you absolutely love every item of clothing in it? I definitely have that feeling with this outfit. I could write so much about my love for each individual piece but I'll try not to bore you and keep it to a minimum! The top, skirt and shoes are all from Boohoo, a shop I'm a little too obsessed with at the moment, to the point where everyday I go onto their site, fill my basket with all the amazing things I want, then remember I'm a poor student so delete it all. Then repeat the next day. And the next.

The skirt is the perfect mix of festival style, autumn colours and my current love for suede. As for the top, I've been wanting a little black crop top like this for a while now, something simple yet fun that's perfect paired either with statement bottoms or go underneath a sheer shirt. And onto the shoes. Oh the shoes. These boots are honestly my favourite pair of shoes I own right now. As I don't have the slimmest or longest of legs, I wanted a pair of boots that were both lace up at the front and featured a peep toe as showing a little skin there makes legs look much longer. I'm also not a massive fan of boots without a little heel, so these are even more perfect again, especially as we're going into autumn now!

Boohoo are currently running a #WeAreReady campaign where they ask to share your autumn/winter looks with the hashtag and asking why you are ready for the cooler months and what you love most about them. Personally I am ready as I am bored to death of each day waking up and hoping that it will be a sunny day and am then dissapointed when I am met at the window by grey skies and constant rain. Autumn also means back to school/uni which I am SO excited about as I have missed all my friends so much! Let me know in the comments below why you're ready for autumn/winter!

 photo IMG_9806 main_zps8y3jk7tl.jpg
Top // Gilet // Skirt // Boots*
 photo IMG_9807_zps0nwer2c1.jpg
 photo IMG_9789 2_zpsocskpynq.jpg

 photo IMG_9798_zpsmixchqti.jpg

 photo IMG_9777_zpsvgc79zwr.jpg

3 September 2015

Ways To Wear - Tropical Print Blazer

I have a love/hate relationship with trends. For example flared jeans. Ever since I was a little 90's kiddie, I've always loved flared jeans more than any other style. I just find them so much more flattering on my figure and love the 70's vibe they give. The only problem with constantly liking something like this, is that when it's considered 'out of fashion', they're nearly impossible to find (or at least find a pair I can actually afford and aren't ridiculously priced because they're a novelty or are considered 'vintage'). So now flares are back on trend, it means I finally have more choice when shopping. Horray for the love side of my trend relationship. As for the negative side, people that aren't aware you always loved something seem to think that you are simply buying into it because you saw it in Vogue and that's what they said we should be wearing now.

It's the same for the tropical print trend right now. I have always loved print on clothes, and more specifically tropical print. But because before it wasn't in every shop you go past on the high street, there wasn't a lot of choice (or like I said earlier, afforable choice) so I only had one, maybe two pieces in my wardrobe. But now, I've gone a little mad with it. How do I know when the fashion gods will suddently decide tropical print is no longer in and all items covered in it will dissapear from shops in an instant?! I need to buy in as much as I can now!

So onto today's looks. I received this amazing tropical print blazer recently from New Look and wanted to share a couple of ways that I've been styling it recently. The first look is a much more casual, everyday style and the second is little more dressy, more for a garden party or cocktails! The blazer is sadly out of stock now, but I found a few similar items here, here and here, and can all be worn in the same way.

Look One

 photo IMG_9834 main_zpskt68cd69.jpg
Jacket* // Jeans // Glasses*
 photo IMG_9846_zpsynuyo4yg.jpg
 photo IMG_9835_zpsacel9ndr.jpg
 photo IMG_9833_zpsl9n2ldwj.jpg

Look Two

 photo IMG_9874 main_zpsyvz5stz8.jpg
Jacket* // Shoes*
 photo IMG_9879_zpseyqoffzn.jpg
 photo IMG_9883_zpsx5hfriow.jpg

1 September 2015

Confidence in Underwear

As I've got older I've started to really appreciate the joy of having quality, matching underwear. And no, not necessarily for the reason I'm sure you're initially thinking. Obviously when you're getting 'in the mood' if you know what I mean, it's nice to have a matching set to make yourself feel extra sexy for the guy or gal in your life, but I also love how they make me feel... just for me. It could be the most average day at uni or work or just doing chores, but knowing I have on a gorgeous underwear set just makes me feel so good about myself.

Obviously, most sets like those from the likes of Victoria's Secret can set you back a hell of a lot of money, so when somewhere super affordable like Peacocks has sets like this for only £12, it makes me one happy lady! I think matching sets are something that every woman should have multiple of so making them this price makes it so much more accessible for any woman to feel good about herself.

On that note, I'm sure some of you will have your own opinions about the last pictures, but right now I'm feeling damn good about myself and I'm really proud of it! I know some of you wouldn't be likely to put a picture of yourself in underwear on the internet, but I just wanted to express how much the right underwear can make you feel amazing! I also don't see the huge deal as I have pictures and videos online of me in swimwear, showing the same amount of skin, so why is this different? I also think it's important to show items like this on figures of different sizes and shapes rather than the stick thin girls on the Victoria's Secret campaigns

I know the amazing ladies of you out there will say I don't need to justify myself, but I just want to show that there's a reason behind it, and it's that right now, the first time in a long time, I'm feeling damn confident!

 photo IMG_5456_zpsx9crl3ge.jpg
 photo IMG_5471_zpstfxcoksh.jpg

27 August 2015

Watch Collection

If you said to me a few years back that I wouldn't be able to leave the house or would feel practically naked without wearing a watch I would have laughed and wondered why a stranger was talking to me about my watch future. But on this day, 27th of July 2015, I can finally admit that I am addicted to watches. Not necessarily the buying of watched as I only have three proper ones (by proper, I mean wasn't bought from Ebay for £1.99), but I am addicted to wearing them. I feel like I've lost a limb if I'm not wearing one and as soon as I put one on, I feel complete! I thought I'd share today my three 'proper' watches with you guys, as they're each very special to me and I love reading/watching other people's collection posts/videos!

Wooden watch* // Silver watch // Gold watch*

So first up is the newest in my collection. It's this increadibly beautiful wooden watch from JORD. It is made so gorgeously (is that even a word? It is now) and has so many increadible features like of course the wooden strap and frame, it's see-through face, and my favourite - the fact that you can see all the cogs and wheels on the inside actually moving and working! JORD does both men's and women's watches but this particular model is from the men's range. Personally I'm not one to strictly stick to certain genders whilst shopping, so after finding this one in the men's section, I knew it was the one!

 Next we have my trusty black and gold French Connection watch. This watch is really special to me as it's the first item I received as a blogger from a big brand. It made me so happy to receive this as it gave me great confidence in my blog at a time when I felt I wasn't doing to well with it! I've had it for a couple of years now and despite it having a few scratches here and there, I still love it dearly. It's the perfect balance between classy and simple, yet has a little bit of bling on the face. It's gotta have a bit of bling for me to own it!

 And finally, my definite favourite - my 21st birthday present from my parents. This watch from Michael Kors was my main present for my birthday but also the Christmas after (£177 is a hell of a lot to spend on one birthday present!), so I didn't receive it until that Christmas but it just made me even more excited to receive it! Like I said earlier, I'm a big lover of bling so I knew I wanted one with lots of stones and when I saw this one it was literally love at first sight! I also wanted something engraved on the back as it was a special occasion, so my parents got this (pictured above on the right). 

22 August 2015

Boho Dresses and Chunky Heels

For the last couple of days it's been dreary and rainy here but this morning the sun is shining so I thought I'd share this summery look with you all. This Peacocks dress is perfect for a day like today where you want to look like you've made an effort when it's actually just a case of throwing on a dress, belt and some accesories, yet still staying cool in the heat. Unintentionally, this whole outfit is made up of just Peacocks and H&M pieces, meaning it's super affordable and easy to recreate!

 photo IMG_5305 main_zps0dazfohq.jpg

 photo IMG_5308_zpsqzk2ear9.jpg

 photo IMG_5309_zpsd90u8og3.jpg 
 photo IMG_5323_zpskf5kqcjh.jpg

14 August 2015

Stylist Pick Wishlist

A few years ago I worked with Stylist Pick to style a bag from their site and I'm not going to lie, I had almost forgotten about them since than but I was reminded of them through the team at i.LEVEL Software, who are the UK’s leading fashion software company for apparel stock control and concessions, and their page of clients (which I'd advise you to take a peek at as there are loads of brands that I had never heard of before but have some gorgeous products!). I also haven't done a wishlist in a long time so thought I would make one sharing some of the amazing shoes that I am desperately lusting after from Stylist Pick. Which of these pairs grabs your attention? Or are you like me and desprate for them all?!

 I have more shoes like this in black that I wear all the time but when it comes to outfits that would look better with brown strappy sandals, then these would be perfect! If I had a choice, I would always have at least a little heel on all my shoes so this just makes these even more ideal! And if you needed any more persuading, they're in the sale for only £16 right now!

 Normally I'm not one for stiletto heels as I find them super hard to walk in and to be honest, just end up falling over whenever I wear them! But these just caught my eye as I love the gorgeous colour so much and mix of boot style and peep toe, so I'm willing to forgive that it has the deadly heel! They are another pair that is in the sales so once again if you're tempted, it's not quite as bad!

 I can imagine that like me most people will have simple, generic black and brown sandals for summer, but sometimes it's nice to have something a little different like these silver flats. And once again, they are in the sale! They're a little more than I would pay for them, but still affordable if you are on the market for a statement sandal.

 These are the kinds of shoes that, whenever and where ever I see them, I fall in love instantly and want them all! What I love about these is the chic beige colour, mixed with the chunky white platform which makes them easy to style and super comfortable.

 Another classic style that I'm sure many of you lot might have, but I am still yet to get a pair. What I like about these is that they are the classic black boot heel, but have other really cool details like the peep toe, cut out heel and zip down the front. If I had to pick a winner out of all 5 of these pairs, it would have to be this pair as to me, they are an all round winner! 

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4 August 2015

Mono Prints and Snapbacks

I want to start by saying that this is my 300th post ever written which is odd as I feel like I hate writing and yet have loved each of my 300 posts! Now onto this outfit. I have to confess that I used to despise these shoes with a passion but there's always someone who I see in items I hate, that somehow make them look amazing. I got these shoes with thanks to Lucie who I go to uni with as they look like shoes she has and always looks super cool in them. And even if they're not the most beautiful shoes to walk the earth, they're damn comfortable and perfect for when you want an easy, light shoe in summer. Suprisingly, these shoes and bag are both from Peacocks, which I think is a shop that people often don't think to go to, but they have so many amazing pieces you'd find in Topshop or New Look, but for a fraction of the price!

As you can see with this dress from Therapy in House of Fraser, it came up much longer than I thought from the website but I still love the print and neckline so decided to knot it at the side for a more relaxed look. I think realistically I'll take it up on my sewing machine so it hits my legs at a more flattering length!

What do you think of this look? What are your opinions on the love/hate shoes?

 photo IMG_5271 main_zpsezmdwvob.jpg
Dress* // Bag* // Shoes* // Watch

 photo IMG_5280_zpsk6ofo4yw.jpg

 photo IMG_5301_zps3sqwywbr.jpg

 photo IMG_5267_zpsehcj0czc.jpg

 photo blahahahahahah_zpse127e98e.jpg

28 July 2015

Fresh Interior Design Trends to watch out for in 2015

Trends in interior home designs come and go. Every season, new styles are introduced or reinvented. A lot of creative recycling and versatility in decorating themes are seen in this year’s trends. Contemporary designs are mixed with vintage or antique styles resulting in bolder, stylish and unique trends that create surprising solutions in home furnishings and home interior designs. There are actually a lot of creative ways to maximize the use of your space while incorporating new trends. If you are looking into updating the look of your home based on new trends, here are some ideas to help you out.

1.    Statement lights. This is a good way to upgrade any room in your home as they look great whether they are switched on or not. Grid –like light fixtures are the new lighting trends for 2015. They look like sculptures that during the day they can act as statement accessories. They produce a lovely, glowing light and shadow patterns across the room when turned on. You can find statement lights designed by amazing interior designers from Cassina through Shop Mohd, an online furniture shop that features items in line with trends of this year.

Image source

2.    Natural and organic designs. For 2015, it is trendy to make use of nature to make the interior of your home look extraordinarily beautiful. Glass windows are so helpful in letting in natural light. Nature-inspired decorating patterns are likewise used to create an interior that is in tune with the environment. You can create your own herb garden in your kitchen or bring in some plants to place around your homes.

Image source

3.    Vintage stuff. Boost the look of your bathroom by getting a claw-foot tub. It’s a good respite from highly technological homes. Old objects are treasures and you shouldn’t hide them away. You can make use of mason jars as vases. Old shutter windows can be used as statement d├ęcor in a living room as they add a point of interest as well as texture to the area. Stop by the flea market next time to find some interesting objects.

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