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22 April 2014

Black Booties and Origami Bunnies

It's no secret that I'm a huuuuuge lover of cheap clothes and shoes (nothing in this whole outfit is more than £13!), and one of my favourites to shop at it There are a few other cheap shops like this online, but this one in particular has the cheapest postage I've found so I'll definitely be sticking to this one in the future! I really recommend you having a look on there as you can get some amazing stuff (the shoes in particular are the best, I got some on there that were identical in look and quality to some from Topshop, I swear they were the same shoes!). I got these little boots from there last week and for £5, the quality is a-mazing. They're a perfect wardrobe staple that goes with pretty much everything so expect to see them in a few more posts!

I also want to make sure you've spotted the cute-as-pie bracelet I'm wearing. It's a little gold origami rabbit from Love Hearts and Crosses and is my new favourite! Since I was a baby my family have called my Bunny so this bracelet is something to remind me of them everyday when I'm away at uni.

*hat / top, belt, nails&skirt / watch / *bracelet / *boots / lipbalm (<- new fave lip product)

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21 April 2014

Daily Make Up Tutorial

I filmed a video over my uni Easter holidays which I have just got round to editing. I've made the transition from a not-so-great editing programme to a much better one, and although it's taken a little time to get used to it, I think the outcome is so much better! It's my first proper make up tutorial too of my everyday make up so I'd love to know what you think!

Please click the little thumbs up if you enjoyed either the video contents or the new editing (or both!) and please subscribe to see more coming from me! I already have a new video edited of mine and Jack's valentine's day vlog (I know it's late but it's more of a 'day out' vlog, than a particularly valentines-y one) so that will be up soon too.

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18 April 2014

Black and White

I wasn't so sure about the 'mom'/boyfriend kinda jeans trend at first, but I have to say they've really grown on me. I was also desperate for a pair of distressed jeans too so when I saw these mom/boyfriend jeans with distressing I knew I had to have them! I have to say, they were a little tight at first but after a couple of wears they're so comfortable now and I can't stop wearing them. I don't often wear looks like this but I am a complete convert to the sort of 'off duty model' look. It's so casual and easy to wear, and throwing on a big floppy hat just completes the look.

 *top / *jeans / *shoes

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17 April 2014

John Frieda Volume Products Review

When I first started blogging I did quite a bit of beauty reviews and general beauty posts but recently I've found that's not really where my interests lay. But when I was given the opportunity to try out the John Frieda Luxurious Volume range*, I couldn't say no. This particular collection is focused on creating volume for hair, which is something I've always lacked. Watch my review below to see how I got on, as well as before and after photos! Then maybe give my routine a go along side this great tutorial I found on creating more volume, and let me know how you got on!

Before.. watch the video to see an after picture!

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13 April 2014

Clothes Haul - Primark, Fashion Union, OASAP, The City Rack & Love Hearts and Crosses

I'm afraid there's no What I Wore This Week post today as quite frankly, a post showing me in a variety of PJs wouldn't be too exciting. I haven't been very well this week as, on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, I was taken to hospital and have only just started to feel better. I've also had uni work to do before I start again tomorrow, so haven't been wearing anything but my slops!

I thought I'd share with you a few bits I bought/received recently instead (the one day I did get dressed this week, I wore the jeans and leopard print pumps shown below, so that's kind of a What I Wore (for one day of) This Week, right?). Expect to see some of these items in outfit posts very soon!

Set One:
Top / OASAP / £4.42 *
Jeans / Fashion Union / £25 *
Shoes / OASAP / £38.40 *
Socks / Primark / £1.50
Necklace / H&M / £2

Set Two:
Jumpsuit / The City Rack / £27.99 *
Trainers / Primark / £6
Necklace / The City Rack / £6 *
Pop Socks / Primark / £1.50
Socks / Primark / (part of 5 pack) £2.50
Nails / Primark / £1

Set Three:
Crop Top / Primark / £1
Pumps / Primark / £4
Necklace / H&M / £2
Skirt / Primark / £3
Bracelet / Love Hearts and Crosses / £12.99 *

Odd Bits:
Melon Top / Primark / £4
Cut Out Top (shows the back, front is plain) / Primark / £1
Socks / Primark / £2.50
Hair Elastics / Primark / £1
Nail Polish Remover / Primark / £1
Candle / Primark / £3.50
Hair Bands / Primark / £1

Parka / Primark / £9
Pink Coat / The Basement Shop / £5
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7 April 2014

Silver Skirts and Print Crop Top

Another little outfit for you today. This is a pretty summery look and I don't know about where you are, but the weather is actually pretty opposite right now! It's been raining and cold the past few days, but I couldn't wait to share this look with you anyway. Hope you like :)

*hat, Choies, here* // hoops, Primark, similar // *top, Persun Mall, here* // skirt, Missguided, similar // boots, Everything5Pounds, similar // bracelet, old, similar

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6 April 2014

What I Wore This Week #3

Sorry I've been a poopy blogger again this week. Things just keep getting in the way and I suddenly realise I haven't posted in like two weeks haha. Anyway, onto this week's daily outfits - hope you like!

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Spent most of my week wearing this as I was working nearly every day!
Jack and I got paid this week so had a cheeky shopping trip
Spent Thursday night with Flick and Jack, his bro, Dad and friend
Went to see Mamo's college exhibition and then went for dinner at Jack's with both our fams
Spent the day with Mamo, shopping in town and having cream teas at Well Walk Tea Room, and then had a sleepover at my Grandma's with little cousin Ellie
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2 April 2014

April's Resolution

So April is finally here (wtf, so quick) and that means it's time for a new resolution. March's was to have no lazy days, and yet again I didn't fully complete it. Not for lack of trying though, I had to have a couple of days in bed from damaging my back but after that made the most of every day!

For April, Jack and I have decided to do a joint one for moral support and not drink anything other than water for a month. I've already struggled today as my usual routine is to have a coffee in a matter of seconds after waking up, so work today was particularly difficult!


As always, I have to make slight exceptions to the rules as I might just explode other wise. So as well as water, I can have sparkling water, squash (only very rarely) and herbal teas as I like having a hot drink every now and again.

Let me know if you join me! Wish me luck!

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