27 July 2014

What I Wore This Week #9

Sorry for not putting up any posts this week, I had some planned but work and the sun seemed to get in the way! So as it's Sunday, here's another What I Wore This Week :-)

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20 July 2014

What I Wore This Week #8

This week I've been in Falmouth working on a Falmouth Uni summer school so have been dressing in more interesting clothes than just when I'm working at home painting furniture (always looking fresh to death in my painting overalls, ooft). Hope you like :-)

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18 July 2014

Item In Action Video - Motel Rocks Sunflower Bikini

Just a quick little Friday post today! I've started a new series on my Youtube channel where I share some of my favourite items I own in an 'Item In Action' video as I find sometimes blog post can be a little static and simply posing in an item doesn't show off its wonderfulness enough!

Below is my first one where I share my favourite bikini (top* / bottoms*) of all time. It's from Motel Rocks and I simply LOVE it! The footage was from when we were in Tunisia and has to be one of my favourite videos I've made! It's only a couple of minutes long so if you'd like to give it a watch that would be awesome!

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16 July 2014

I Am Defected

I'm one of those people who sometimes doesn't quite get the jist of certain things and will take a while to understand stuff. I've had these items for a little while but still couldn't work out the deal with the brand, but I've done a little research so hopefully I have this right! Defected Records is a London house label but also have a little online shop where they sell sick printed items from tees to sweatshirts to phone cases.

I'm seriously loving the beany and top below as they are such good quality for the price and are the perfect lazy-girl items. The tee is super soft and as I got it slightly oversized, it's so comfy and perfect for chill days (or when you want to be mega cosy on a 6 hour train journey). As for this hat.. I swear I'm in love! It's really thick so not necessarily ideal for summer days, but I've found it's perfect for when evening comes and I want to pop something on to keep in a little extra warmth as well as cover up potentially day old hair! I also love the little specks of colour in it, it just gives it that little somthin' somthin'.

hat* // tee*

14 July 2014

Tunisia Holiday - Week Two Photo Diary

Time for week two's photo diary from our trip to Tunisia! Looking at these again make me so sad that were not still there. It was without a doubt one of the best holiday's I've ever been on, I really recommend it :-)

Day 8 - At the Medina (again!)

Day 9 - Dinner at an amazing western themed restaurant

Day 10 - Water park!

Day 11 - Walking around the increadibly beautiful Sidi Bou Said

Day 11 again - Having lunch with a chameleon (funniest photo ever haha)

Day 12 - Medina day yet again! With our friend Hamsa

Day 13 (possibly the best day of my life) - At the zoo holding a baby tiger!

Day 14 - Walking around the Medina again, feeding homeless, sick cats

Day 15 - Plane journey home over the beautiful Alps

12 July 2014

Tunisia Holiday - Week One Photo Diary

As I'm at home in Cheltenham at the moment, I don't have the software on the computer I have with me to edit any of the vlogs from my holiday, so I thought I would just share a handful of pictures for now! We took sooo many pictures but instead of bombarding you with loads, I've picked just one from each day that pretty much sums up what we did. Hope you enjoy and be sure to keep an eye out for week two's photo diary soon!

Day 1 - On the plane there

Day 2 - Amazing view from our balcony

 Day 3 - Camel riding

Day 4 - Exploring the Medina (markets) and stopping for lunch

Day 5 - Quad-biking

Day 6 - Taking the noddy train to Port El Kantaoui

Day 7 - On a galleon boat rip

9 July 2014

House of Fraser/Biba Dress

When I got the opportunity to get a maxi dress from House of Fraser, I wanted to make sure I made the most of it and was able to buy something I wouldn't normally be able to get. This absolutely gorgeous dress* is from Biba, a brand a university student typically can't afford. But saying that, I was still pleasantly surprised at the price and discount. It was £65 but then had 30% off making it only £45.50!

I got it as I was after something really light and floaty for my holiday, but that was also pretty covering as I was going to a Muslim country and wanted to respect their traditions. This was the most perfect decision I could have made! I wore it nearly every other day (which as I'm sure you can imagine on a two week holiday in an boiling country with no washing machines, it was grim after!). Below is one of the looks where I dressed it up a little to go for dinner. I hope you like!

7 July 2014

I'm Home!

So Jack and I are finally back from our 2 week trip to Tunisia. I have to say, despite not expecting it at all, it was one of the most amazing trips I've ever been on! We were so busy for the whole time, I didn't have a chance to blog although I had made a whole holiday post plan! The internet at the hotel was pretty pooey too so even if I had a spare moment, I don't think it would have been able to deal with uploading anything.

I had planned to share these pictures below the day before we left but I think I was being a little optimistic with time there! Same with the haul video below, but I'm sure some of you will still be heading off on holiday and looking for some new bits to buy before you head off!

Bikini top* // Bikini bottoms* // Glasses*