14 October 2016


October's here and wedding season is officially finished. But that's not to say no one gets married in winter of course. The few weddings I've been to have been a mix between summer and slightly later autumnal weddings so when I got an invite to my friends wedding a few weeks back (she's the first of my primary school gang to get married, um, since when did we grow up!?), it was time to think of a suitible wedding guest look but one that doesn't leave me feeling underdressed and chilly.

As it happens, the evening was reasonibly clear and wasn't too cold so I chose this dress below. I'd have loved to have bought a new dress but alas, I have only just started my jobs and am yet to receive a pay packet so I opted for this white and blue maxi that I'd had for a little while as it was the perfect mix of end-of-summer with the print and halter neck, but kept me a little warmer with the length and layers.

For those of you who are also to be auntumn/winter weddings guests and are looking for ideas for a new outfit, I have selected a few below that I think would be perfect. All shoes and clothing items can be purchased through Lyst, a website described by them as a 'fashion tech company based in London and New York and [their] website is a shopping experience unique to every user. The more you use the platform, the more it learns about you and your shopping habits so you start to only see things you love! In addition to making a tailored shopping experience, users can also Lyst items to plan their wardrobes and wish lists and also be alerted when anything they Lyst goes on sale or comes back in stock.' Do you see any looks that take your fancy?!

LEFT: Boohoo // CENTER: Baukjen // RIGHT: Asos

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12 October 2016



As the day before was so packed full of exciting shows, people and events, it was no surprise that day four of Fashion Scout in London Fashion Week was a little slower paced and more relaxed. With the least shows on this day of the whole week, Paris and I weren't rushing around so much so got a chance to take some outfit pictures with the incredible photographer Nic Ford (who we then managed to persuade to photograph our looks for the rest of the week!). Below are some of the photos she took and I freaking love them, they're so much more interesting and a nice change from my usual, simple background ones. Follow her here:

After Saturday's manic-ness (real word?) I wanted to wear something I knew I'd be comfortable in and didn't have to worry about pulling up boots, down skirts or hair out of my face. I'm wearing a green military style hat from Quiz Clothing (perfect for covering fluffy, unruly hair), a simple tee from Forever 21, getting on the pjs-as-daytime-trousers with these from La Senza and my trusty Kswiss'.

Hat, Quiz*

9 October 2016



Day three was just incredible. It was so busy with us rushing to a load of shows, talking to celebrities, photographing, snapchatting, and just having an incredible time. I honestly loved almost every collection that was shown on this day, but my favourtites have to be Han Wen, Ashley Isham and Rohmir.

Saturday was also packed full of chatting to celebrities like Alex Pettyfer, Isobelle Molloy and snapchatting with Mr Jimmy Choo himself!

Paris and I were also lucky enough to collaborate with Quiz Clothing for this week, receiving a few items each to style for each day. I chose to wear this black (everything we wore had to be black) Bardot style body from them, with a denim A line skirt from Primark, a pair of peep toe boots I'd had for a little while and for added 'cuteness', I opted for space buns.

Top/Body, Quiz* // Skirt, Primark // Shoes, New Look