19 August 2014

FashionTradeWeb Has Launched In The UK!

So today's post is more for the business-y side of you lot. If you own a fashion brand or are thinking of starting one up, read on to see how FashionTradeWeb can help you!

FashionTradeWeb is basically a software which allows fashion brands to showcase their range and lets retailers quickly replenish stock online by placing orders directly into a fashion brand’s stock system! It has been created by i.LEVEL Software, the UK's leading provider of clothing management software solutions to the fashion industry. But don't be put of by how professional it sounds though, it's really good for small fashion brands too as one of their clients (a major name in UK fashion) started life with them as a stall in Camden!

FashionTradeWeb is not a consumer website, it is direct to retail/wholesale meaning the new webstore is strictly business-to-business, and lets fashion brands showcase their current and future lines within a password protected environment. Then retailers can pick the lines they require and the resulting order is placed immediately into the fashion brand’s own stock system for speedy dispatch. Super easy eh?!

Three main advantages are:

1) High street retailers can replenish their stock rapidly and track all orders from beginning to end, allowing for quicker merchandising and improved cash flow.

2) FashionTradeWeb offers a new sales channel for fashion brands that allows dynamic ordering straight into a brand’s stock system, ensuring that available stock is sold and dispatched quickly.

3) It guarantees that fashion brands retain full control over who sees prices and who can browse their lines.  This safeguards the marketing and pricing strategy of the fashion brand at all times!

If you have any other questions or want any more information on this software then be sure to email 
info@ilevelsoftware.co.uk or call 
01234 761757!

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17 August 2014

Collar Dress and Catch Up

So it's a grand total of 13 days since my last post. It's actually not due to being a lazy bum this time, it was my 21st birthday party last Saturday so was preparing loads for that the few days before and then Tuesday was my actual birthday and then the rest of the week I was working until I had to pack up all my bits in Cheltenham and head back to Falmouth for two weeks today! (and breath). But I have a whole two weeks off now to completely chill so I'm really excited to get back into the blogging game. I have lots of videos and new posts coming up so be sure to keep an eye out on here, my twitter, facebook and on Instagram!

But first! Have a little outfit post. This is a new dress I got from a little shop within River Island for only £15 in the sale! I absolutely love it as I find it quite hard to find things on the high street that I really love right now, but I love the unique shape and style of this! I wore this out for my friends 21st birthday a few weeks ago (which ended preeeetty messy, but that's a story for another day!) and felt pretty swanky in it!


5 August 2014

Monochrome Eyes and Stripes

I'm feeling quite odd about my blog at the moment. Sometimes I feel like it's doing well and other times I feel like I put loads of effort in for absolutely nothing. I know this is just a hobby and some people will say it doesn't matter how other people do (or in this case don't) interact with your blog, but no one can deny it feels so much better when people comment or 'like' your content. And on the same note, I know it's not about follower numbers, but I feel like my blog has been stuck on the same round about number for months on end now, and I just feel like shouting 'what am I doing wrong!?'!

I don't really know how writing this to you all is actually going to make a difference, I suppose I'm just wondering if anyone else has been feeling the same recently? At least then I won't be alone in this I-feel-like-I'm-just-doing-really-poo-at-the-moment feeling.

Anyway, have some outfit pictures to make this post more interesting! This was a simple, monochrome outfit I wore on a date night to the cinema with Jack last week (you may have spotted it in my last What I Wore This Week post too!).

 top* // shoes*

Hey baby Charlie Choo Choo!

3 August 2014

What I Wore This Week #10

Not many outfits this week as I have been spending most of my time in my PJs trying to sort out my birthday party! Hope you enjoy anyway!

Shopping for birthday decorations with Jack
Date night
Lunch date with Grace
Night out for Grace's 21st

31 July 2014

21st Birthday Gift Wish List

So in just under 2 weeks it's my 21st birthday! I wasn't too excited as we hadn't sorted out a location for a party and I was getting a little nervous but as we've found somewhere now, I'm starting to feel the excited grins coming across my face every now and again!

As it's quite a big birthday, the 'big 2-1', people have been asking me what I want for it. I really hate being asked this as I get quite uncomfortable telling people things to buy me, is it just me or does it seem odd? Nevertheless, people won't let it go so I thought I'd create a little wish list so that I don't have to do the awkward convos face to face! 

DISCLAIMER! (I can't believe we have to do stupid disclaimers, but there's always one sour poo that has to make a comment). I'm not asking for all of this. Heck, I'm not asking for any of it! Think of it as a theoretical 'what I'd like if someone was forced to spend money on me', if you know what I mean. Basically, this is for my Dad who asked what I wanted and I didn't know, so I've made this easy for him - I hope you appreciate it Daddy! 

Believe it or not, Jack and I really enjoy a little skate every now and again, but having to lug around my huge, heavy long board is getting on my tits quite frankly! Jack has a Stereo board (same size as Penny but different make) and I'm really jealous of the ease of it. Also how lush are the colours of the one above!?

When in town the other day with my friend, we were going round smelling different perfumes, and I had a sniff of this one and fell in love. It's so sweet and lovely. Plus it's Juicy Couture, and I'm a sucker for anything Juicy!

3 - Books

Urban Outfitters has my favourite types of books ever. The weird, fun, different books they have are right up my street as I'm not a fan of reading, but I do love the feel of books. These two in particular stood out to me. I thought the Outfit A Day Fashion Journal was a brilliant idea, as it makes a fun change from the Instagram #ootd's I do (and will get me practising fashion illustrations more!). As for the F*ck I'm In My Twenties book, it's pretty much sums up how I feel about age right now (and looks really fun too).

4 - Nose Piercings

I have a standard ring in at the moment but these ones I found on Etsy are just so gorgeous. They are way too pricey for what they are in my opinion but if anyone knows where this style ring can be bought but for much cheaper then please let me know!

Very little needs to be said about this. It's my favourite conditioner ever, leaves my hair feeling amazing, and I've run out. Simples. 

This one is for Jack only, please no one else buy it! He bought me a charm bracelet a little while back and every now and again he'll buy me another one to add on. I thought this simple one was so cute and would be a lovely addition. 

I told you I have a thing for Juicy. I was browsing their bag collection and came across this beauty. I love the size of it, the print, the chain detail, the inside, just everything! And considering it's brand, it's amazingly priced! They've also made it much easier to shop in the UK too, as before it was really difficult having to work out customs charges and all that stuff, but they do all that for you on the site now!

8 - Sketchbooks

If you're ever in doubt of something that would make me happy, go with sketchbooks. ANY sketchbook and I'll be a happy bunny. These two from Paperchase are particular favourites of mine, the simple brown one makes for beautiful scrapbooking and the map print one fulfils my must-get-all-the-map-things thoughts. 

29 July 2014

Vintage Midi Skirt and IKRUSH Sandals

This skirt has to be one of my favourites at the moment. It was my Grandma's when she was much much younger and although you can tell it's old, I think with some chunky black shoes and a little crop top, it still looks amazing now! She also gave me the matching waistcoat (worn here) but I'm not quite sure if I'll be pairing them together just yet haha!

As for the shoes, I know as always I'm a bit late to the game but I can see why these shoes are huge at the moment. They compile all the best things at the moment, sandals (perfect for this heat), chunky black shoes (not just for winter!), look so cute with frilly socks (I'm still not over that look, sorrynotsorry) and they have a little heel (nothing too high but perfect to give your legs a little bit more length). Dream shoes? CHECK! (Also they're super comfy as soon as I wore them, I don't find that in shoes very often so thought it would be worth mentioning!).

Shoes *


27 July 2014

What I Wore This Week #9

Sorry for not putting up any posts this week, I had some planned but work and the sun seemed to get in the way! So as it's Sunday, here's another What I Wore This Week :-)

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20 July 2014

What I Wore This Week #8

This week I've been in Falmouth working on a Falmouth Uni summer school so have been dressing in more interesting clothes than just when I'm working at home painting furniture (always looking fresh to death in my painting overalls, ooft). Hope you like :-)

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