24 August 2016


I'm free and I'm back and oh boy does it feel good!

I don't even know where to start with this post. These last few months/years have been so busy, emotional, hard, fun, enjoyable, worrying, chaotic and all the other feelings you can imagine. I think I properly accepted that I'd given up on my blog around 2 years ago and it's only now that I've written that does it make me realise how long ago that was. This time two years ago, I had just finished my first year, getting ready to head back to uni in a few weeks and get back to hard work. I feel like my content started to slip and my attention span for it had gone from 100% to nothing so my blog just started to fade away. I would still post every now and again for odd outfit posts or sponsored posts (yes, I am guilty of this but when you have litterally no more than £5 in your bank, you'll accept them if it means you can eat that week), but nothing particularly worthwhile.

My second year of uni was both tough and enjoyable but it was particularly my third year where everything went downhill. My ex of 5 years and I decided to go seperate ways, I was starting my final collection for university which I knew would be difficult but it ended up beyond agonising, my mum found out she was serious ill, my little cat Charlie had to be put down, I was struggling with money as I needed to be working solidly on my uni work so had no time to earn money to fund my final collection and then because of all that, my depression and bad thoughts were going wild. It was without a doubt the hardest year of my life to date and I can't express how happy I am that the worst is over.

Money is still tight, my mum is still recovering and my baby Charlie can't come back but I have finished my degree, I have a new lovely fella friend, my depression has been much better and I've just had my 23rd birthday. On the morning of my birthday my mum asked if I felt any different as she does every year and every year I respond with a simple 'no', but this year it did feel different. I had this feeling of freedom, relief and a huge weight off my shoulders.

So where does that leave me now? Today I found a house that I love and if Paris and I get it then we'll move in within a week, I am soon to start a teaching assistant job at a university, as well as hopefully getting a job for a make up brand I love (fingers crossed!) and the freedom to get back into blogging properly. And I'm so damn excited.

Let's do this!

17 August 2016


Having just finished uni, there are plenty of things I've learnt from being there and I thought it would be useful for some of you guys starting soon, or even those of you who are already there yet still feel like you have no idea what's going on (don't worry, it happens to nearly all of us!) to start a little series about uni, things I do and don't reccomend to do/pack/get involved in, etc.

So to start me off, New Look got in touch and asked me to suggest a few essentials when packing for uni. I've made a couple of outfits from the items I think are the most needed, but they can also be mixed and matched to make up different looks (ideal when you don't have much wardrobe space!). They also have an amazing Student Hub on their site which suggests a load of outfit ideas, recipes, music and other helpful tips for when at uni so I really recommend having a look at that.

The main ten essentials:

1) Going-out dress - for lots of parties and freshers events, I love this bardot style dress as it's easy to dress up in a variety of ways.

2) Casual day dress - oh, there it is again, the bardot dress. Wear this with some casual sandals and a baseball cap and you have a relaxed, model off duty look.

3) Casual sandals - as mentioned above, casual sandals or other shoes in general are a must as, despite wanting to dress up to make a good first impression, you'll get bored soon enough and want something comfortable to roll into lectures in. 

4) Simple necklace - this western style necklace is perfect as it can be styled in multiple ways and adds a little effortless effort to an outfit.

5) Statement necklace - you'll then want something to add a bit more bling to an outfit, whether it's a simple day look needing that little extra, or a night time look for all out fancy.

6) Dressy shoes - whether you're more into heeled boots like me, or strappy numbers like these, a pair of heels is a necesity in my opinion. 

7) Own style top - obviously plain tees are a good addition to any wardrobe, but I think a top that really shows you're own style is key, especially like this orange one below that, like many of the other items in this list, can be dressed up or down.

8) Jeans - or just any trousers that you can style up or down, wear day or night and yet still feel comfortable is a must. 

9) Simple jacket - a simple coat or jacket that will go with anything is definitely needed, especially if going to uni in the UK as it's freezing when term starts. 

10) A clutch - whether it's a statement piece like the one below or a more versatile one like this, a clutch is needed to be used for nights out, a make up bag when staying at a friends, a pencil case or even a day bag if you're into the day clutch look. 

Of course there are many other items I could suggest like a large bag for notepads, laptops and pens; a pj set that can be doubled as daywear or lounge wear around halls; decorations for your new room like candles or fairy lights; a swimming costume or bikini if at uni near the sea like I was; and of course all the stationary in the world.

Necklace, Zaful* // Dress, New Look* // Watch, Michael Kors

Top, New Look* //Jacket, New Look // Watch, Michael Kors // Bag, New Look* // Shoes, Peacocks*

7 July 2016


We’re officially smack-dab in the middle of summer, which means heat waves, sunshine-filled days, and plenty of time spent on the coast. With summer’s distinct weather pattern comes a specific wardrobe, one that is, thankfully, full of laidback styles, skin-baring silhouettes, and comfortable fabrics. To keep your closet up to date this season, follow these tips for styling summer’s hottest trends.

Denim Mini Skirt

This particular trend might take you back to the early 2000s, but the way to wear the denim mini skirt is decidedly different than it was almost two decades ago. This time around, pairing the mini with flip-flops is out, while effortlessly elevating the relaxed style with a few polished pieces is in. To achieve the perfect balance between casual and chic, Who What Wear recommends following three important rules: tuck in your shirt and/or wear a jacket, choose a skirt that isn’t too tight, short, or distressed, and wear low-heeled shoes or flats. With these fool-proof tips you can create an infinite number of summer-friendly outfits around one of the most comfortable, wearable, and versatile items in your closet, the denim mini skirt.

White Trainers

This summer, trainers are no longer to be exclusively worn on the occasional jog around the block or trip to the gym. Classic white kicks are the ‘it’ shoe of the season – good news for your wardrobe and your feet. They’re comfortable enough for a full day of shopping or errands, but stylish enough to wear with a sleek pair of culottes during a night out. For inspiration on how to style the fresh trend, browse Lyst’s collection of shoes. The edit of different designs includes a wide range of crisp white styles, from those cast in luxe leather to more casual canvas numbers perfect for relaxed summer afternoons. This clean style can be worn with literally anything, from sundresses to distressed denim to office-appropriate slacks, so make sure you break out this trend any chance you get.

Slip Dress

There is no doubt that the fashion world is currently loving all things 90s — not that we’re complaining. And, with the resurgence of the decade’s most popular pieces (choker necklaces and dark goth-inspired lipstick chief among them) comes the return of the ever-versatile slip dress. As this Style Caster post notes, the slip dress is half lingerie and half effortless dressing, evoking a sexy, insouciant elegance that’s just as comfortable being paired with Chuck Taylor high-tops as it is with a pair of come-hither strappy sandals. A staple of hot summer days that will prove to be a true throw-on-and-go uniform, the slip dress looks lovely when worn solo or a bit sporty when paired with a basic white tee and plaid button-up tied around the waist.

Guest post by Katherine Shepherd*