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5 February 2016

Black Boots Wishlist

I remember I had a pair of very plain black heeled chelsea boots a good few years back, and they were my absolute favourites. I could wear them with anything and were so incredibly comfortable that I would wear them for hours on end without pain. But like most shoes that get worn almost daily for a couple of years, they ended up having to be sent to shoe heaven as they started to come apart. Since then I am yet to find a pair of simple, classic black boots that fill the hole in my heart from my previous pair.

Whilst I am a huge lover of heels and love wearing them on any occasion, I've also been lusting after flat black boots recently as Falmouth is so damn hilly, it makes a small walk to the shops feel like a mountain trek when wearing heels. I have compiled a handful of boots that I saw on Jones Bootmaker that I am in love with right now. Some are flat, some are heeled, some are tasseled and others are completely plain. But all of which I'm seriously lusting over right now!

Which ones are your favourites? Mine has to be the all black, tasseled heels!

Top right and clockwise. 

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1 February 2016

Baseball Caps and Sports Jackets

Yes, these flares are back yet again. And no I'm really not sorry about it. When you're in love, you're in love, there's no two ways about it. I thought I'd try stying them in a slightly different way with this look though by giving it a more sporty feel. I added one of my favourite hats, this simple black baseball cap from Primark, and my new jacket (worn as a top) from Tokyo Laundry with its cricket-y vibe which is on sale now too. As it's a very casual look, I kept accessories simple with a little black choker and black heeled booties (not photographed).

28 January 2016

Grey Knits

At the moment, if you asked me my same colour to wear, the answer would definitely be grey. I know that isn't really a colour as such, more of a shade, but I am totally obsessed nevertheless! These two items from George at Asda are a perfect example of my ideal grey winter warmers. Despite the dress looking a little Christmasy, I've still been wearing it post 25th and haven't had any comments! As for the coat/cardi, I am so crazy in love with it. I feel super sassy and super warm when wearing it, two things any girl wants in a winter garment!

Unfortunately the two pieces below are sold out but check out the rest of their knitwear here!

Jacket* // Boots *

22 January 2016

Suede and Flares

You may (or may not) have noticed I've been absent for a little while as things in life all got a bit too much all at once. I'm not saying this is a come-back post, as when I start up again I want to have a whole new layout and everything, but I will be still posting every now and again.

Onto this look - no, I'm still not over flares yet. And like I said in one of my last posts, I can't see that happening anytime soon seeing as my love for them has gone on much longer than just the short period they've been in the shops and back in fashion. So of course, what goes better with 70s style flares? Why a 70s style suede top of course! This one if from Therapy at House of Fraser, and whilst I have to say I'm not a huge fan of the length of it (too short to tuck in, too long to have as a crop), I do love the material so after this I think I'm going to just take a few cms off the bottom so it suits me better!

9 January 2016

The History of Kaftans

Kaftans have made one extraordinary style leap and generated a fashion revolution in the process. When kaftans where just starting to emerge on the fashion scene, they were mostly associated with laid back style, as most women wore this style piece at the beach over their swimwear as a sheer piece.  
Never would have anyone put kaftans on the same level as designer dresses but this is exactly what has happened over the last few years. From Emilio Pucci to Zuhair Murad; Roberto Cavalli and other fashion designers, the kaftan has become as much of a protagonist as strapless dresses on the runways.

Gone are the days when kaftans were worn solely at the beach or for a day on the boat, nowadays, we can see stunning kaftans with statement collars, embellished necks and sheer fabric on the most beautiful women as they glide down red carpets, exclusive parties and even in magazine editorials. 
With its new status as the coveted statement piece for any occasion, the kaftan has become a favourite among the most stylish women in the world. From Angelina Jolie to stylist Rachel Zoe, the kaftan has been worn and shown off to the world, thus establishing it as more than a mere beach accessory. 
Author Bio: A fashion afficianado, Regina empowers women through her writing and fashion tips. If shes not walking her dog, you can catch her surfing the web for whats new at Camilla. 

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7 December 2015

Ankle Boots Dreaming - Wishlist

When it get's to this time of year, I realise that I have too many pairs of ankle boots and naturally I am reminded of how much I love them and how I want even more pairs to call my own. Like I always say, due to uni funds being low, I have to create mental (or in this case, blog) wishlists of pairs I'm totally loving right now.

Of course as it is coming into the Christmas season, I'm having another annual realisation that I am obsessed with everything black, wine red, emerald green and brown. Unfortunately I am yet to come across for green ankle boots that I'm mad about but alas, the search continues!

Below are just a few I found that I am in love with right now, a couple of pairs from Brantano, one pair from New Look, another from Next and the last from Boohoo. Of course the classic plain boots are just that, classics, but I like to have a little extra detail when it comes to shoes and clothing so the tassels, buckles and zips all really stand out to me.

What do you think, do any of these take your fancy? What's your annual, winter time obsession?

Black flat / Red suede / Brown tassel / Red flat / Grey tassel

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7 September 2015

Tassel Skirts and Lace Up Boots

Do you ever get those outfits where you absolutely love every item of clothing in it? I definitely have that feeling with this outfit. I could write so much about my love for each individual piece but I'll try not to bore you and keep it to a minimum! The top, skirt and shoes are all from Boohoo, a shop I'm a little too obsessed with at the moment, to the point where everyday I go onto their site, fill my basket with all the amazing things I want, then remember I'm a poor student so delete it all. Then repeat the next day. And the next.

The skirt is the perfect mix of festival style, autumn colours and my current love for suede. As for the top, I've been wanting a little black crop top like this for a while now, something simple yet fun that's perfect paired either with statement bottoms or go underneath a sheer shirt. And onto the shoes. Oh the shoes. These boots are honestly my favourite pair of shoes I own right now. As I don't have the slimmest or longest of legs, I wanted a pair of boots that were both lace up at the front and featured a peep toe as showing a little skin there makes legs look much longer. I'm also not a massive fan of boots without a little heel, so these are even more perfect again, especially as we're going into autumn now!

Boohoo are currently running a #WeAreReady campaign where they ask to share your autumn/winter looks with the hashtag and asking why you are ready for the cooler months and what you love most about them. Personally I am ready as I am bored to death of each day waking up and hoping that it will be a sunny day and am then dissapointed when I am met at the window by grey skies and constant rain. Autumn also means back to school/uni which I am SO excited about as I have missed all my friends so much! Let me know in the comments below why you're ready for autumn/winter!

 photo IMG_9806 main_zps8y3jk7tl.jpg
Top // Gilet // Skirt // Boots*
 photo IMG_9807_zps0nwer2c1.jpg
 photo IMG_9789 2_zpsocskpynq.jpg

 photo IMG_9798_zpsmixchqti.jpg

 photo IMG_9777_zpsvgc79zwr.jpg

3 September 2015

Ways To Wear - Tropical Print Blazer

I have a love/hate relationship with trends. For example flared jeans. Ever since I was a little 90's kiddie, I've always loved flared jeans more than any other style. I just find them so much more flattering on my figure and love the 70's vibe they give. The only problem with constantly liking something like this, is that when it's considered 'out of fashion', they're nearly impossible to find (or at least find a pair I can actually afford and aren't ridiculously priced because they're a novelty or are considered 'vintage'). So now flares are back on trend, it means I finally have more choice when shopping. Horray for the love side of my trend relationship. As for the negative side, people that aren't aware you always loved something seem to think that you are simply buying into it because you saw it in Vogue and that's what they said we should be wearing now.

It's the same for the tropical print trend right now. I have always loved print on clothes, and more specifically tropical print. But because before it wasn't in every shop you go past on the high street, there wasn't a lot of choice (or like I said earlier, afforable choice) so I only had one, maybe two pieces in my wardrobe. But now, I've gone a little mad with it. How do I know when the fashion gods will suddently decide tropical print is no longer in and all items covered in it will dissapear from shops in an instant?! I need to buy in as much as I can now!

So onto today's looks. I received this amazing tropical print blazer recently from New Look and wanted to share a couple of ways that I've been styling it recently. The first look is a much more casual, everyday style and the second is little more dressy, more for a garden party or cocktails! The blazer is sadly out of stock now, but I found a few similar items here, here and here, and can all be worn in the same way.

Look One

 photo IMG_9834 main_zpskt68cd69.jpg
Jacket* // Jeans // Glasses*
 photo IMG_9846_zpsynuyo4yg.jpg
 photo IMG_9835_zpsacel9ndr.jpg
 photo IMG_9833_zpsl9n2ldwj.jpg

Look Two

 photo IMG_9874 main_zpsyvz5stz8.jpg
Jacket* // Shoes*
 photo IMG_9879_zpseyqoffzn.jpg
 photo IMG_9883_zpsx5hfriow.jpg