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26 February 2015

Pastel Colours and the Minack Theatre

Jack's mum, partner and dog came down to visit us for the weekend a few days ago, and to make a change from just wondering aimlessly around Falmouth we decided to head all the way down to Land's End on the Saturday to visit the beautiful Minack Theatre. It's a place I used to visit nearly every year as a child, so it was lovely to go back.

As it is such a beautiful location, I couldn't resist the opportunity to take some outfit pictures and share them on here! As it was super cold I wanted to wear my new pastel blue jumper from Linea Weekend at House of Fraser as it is so incredibly soft and warm. I also wanted to use my new ISWAI purse as I thought the colours went together perfectly. It's such a lovely quality and is the ideal combination of it being spacious enough to fit everything you need in, and small enough to not feel like you're carrying a clutch bag inside a normal bag!

It's set right on the edge of a cliff and has the most beautiful beach next to it

Jumper* // Socks // Boots* // Purse*

22 February 2015

Black Maxi and Leather

I've loved Goldie London for a long while and once again, they've nailed their new in collection. This dress below is one of my favourites from the collection. When I chose it, I thought it would be more of a casual dress, but when trying it on (without the leather jacket) it looked very well fitted and formal. Whilst I was hoping for a more casual look, I actually prefer it this way as it means it can be both dressed up and down depending on the occasion!

What do you think of the way I've styled it?

Dress* // Necklace*

15 February 2015

Fur Cape and Knee High Boots

There's something so perfect about a big coat with fur detail, tight black leggings (or tights in this case), and knee high boots in the winter. My friends and I were in the cafe at uni the other day as a woman walked past with this combo made to perfection and we just looked in awe!

Ever since I can remember I've wanted a big glamorous cape like this, and this is pretty close to my ideal one. I would have loved a fur lined hood attached to it but, yanoo, you can't always get everything you want!

Unfortunately this particular cape is sold out on OASAP now but they have a huge selection of other capes, as well as jackets and coats, so head over to check them out if you like the look of this one.

cape* // dress // boots*

8 February 2015

The Library Of Perfume - Lychee and Fresh Coconut

So unless you've been under a rock for the past few months, I'm sure you will have heard of/seen/smelt the new fragrances from The Library Of Fragrance. The idea of this collection is that each scent is incredibly realistic smelling, but don't just have your average scents that you'd think a perfume should smell. They have all sorts from more normal such as sweet pea and orange blossom; to some creative, fun ones like pina colada and marshmallow; to some down right odd ones such as mountain air, paperback, pizza and even wet garden!

Whilst I personally don't fancy smelling like a fiery curry, it is fascinating going into boots and smelling some of the options as the scents are just uncanny! The fun thing is that you can also mix and match smells to create even more variety, so the possibility are endless with these!

Two I got my hands on are lychee and fresh coconut. I was desperate to own the lychee as it is such a gorgeous, sweet, fruity smell which is one of my favourites but I also kindly got sent the fresh coconut as I was told it is a good match with lychee. And I have to say, the people at the Library of Fragrance know their stuff! Whilst coconut isn't one of my favourite scents/flavours and I probably won't wear it on its own, these two together give the most wonderful summery, tropical smell!

fresh coconut*

These are all super affordable too. Only £15 per bottle (and over 90 to choose from!) from either their website or a smaller selection of 28 from Boots, but if you fancy mixing them up like me then Boots is also offering 2 for £25!

6 February 2015

February Resolution

Last months resolution of no alcohol went pretty well I'd say. I did go out one night 2 days before the end of Feb, but I already knew this was happening so although it technically means I failed that one, I still feel good about the fact I was teetotal for the other 30 days. I say this like I'm a raging alcoholic and that it's a huge achievement to not have had anything to drink, but realistically I only drink once or twice a month. But nonetheless it's still nice to have an easy resolution to start the year with!

This month's resolution is to do this workout below everyday. I was watching Kerry's excercise faq video the other day where she was saying that she got back her figure after having a baby just from home work outs and doesn't go to the gym. She also mentioned a few youtube channels she follows that specialize in excercise, and Blogilaties was one of them.

I have heard of blogilaties before and have looked at the youtube channel and website, but it was only when watching Kerry's video did I realise that Cassey Ho, owner of the Blogilaties channel and the lady in the video, makes short challenge work outs. So I had a look through them and found this amazing bum (or 'butt' if you're American/Cassey) challenge and gave it a go! And oh my goodness, does is work your little booty.  It's not so bad that you can't do it at all, but it does push you so that you can feel it working, but as it's only for 10 minutes, it's really not that bad.

So that's basically it! This video, once a day, for one month. Lets doooo this!

4 February 2015

Plaid Shirts and Leather Braces

An outfit and review from Jack...

Tis the season for the lumberjack. And this one fits the bill. I'm a real sucker for a nice ‘winter’ shirt, and although this isn’t the ‘thick, double lined’ type, it definitely provides warmth (probably due to it being 100% quality cotton) and is a good choice for these chilly days, with a coat of course. 

I have to say I’m also a big fan of braces, and there are a lot of ‘lumberjack’ shirts that don’t quite work with them, but this is a good’n. This is partly due to its fit, which is nice and slim, but still long enough. Often times I find shirt that I want to have the ‘oversized’ feel, have the right length, but have too much sag when used in conjunction with braces. 

I also favour this larger check than smaller check for this look. Overall this piece is a winner for me, and at £27 (reduced from £45!) there's not much to complain about this shirt from Criminal at House of Fraser.

shirt* // braces // jacket // jeans // shoes // watch

2 February 2015

High Neck, Cold Shoulders

Confession time. I've had this Rosegal dress for a few months now and am only yet to share it on my blog. I blame the fact that I've worn it non stop so it's always in the wash! Despite it being quite mega short (you can see in the pictures I either have to wear a long coat or a skirt over the top), the long sleeves, cut out shoulders and high neck makes it a staple for this cold season. I love how something as simple as the cold shoulder detail, takes it from being a super simple dress into something mega stylish and fun. It's also craaazy cheap so be sure to check it out, and the rest of the items on Rosegal!

Also I have pink hair, woo!

hat // coat* // dress* // socks // boots // skirt*

22 January 2015

Winter Wellingtons

I used to have a beautiful, floral pair of wellies when I was younger but unfortunately age happened and my feet grew so I no longer fit into them. Because of this I have been needing a new pair for a while now and the time has finally come! This is another item that I managed to get through the Etail PR blogger programme so if you're yet to, head over there and see what they can do for you and your blog. These wellies are from the brand Online Avenue and are super affordable. Unfortunately I have slightly larger calves than the average leg due to doing gymnastics my whole life so these are a little tight at the top so if you're like me I'd be cautious of this. But other than that, I love the pink and black colour block of these and should go with any rainy day outfit! Be sure to also check out their other items as well as shoes!

wellingtons* from Online Avenue