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7 July 2016

How to Style Summer’s Biggest Trends

We’re officially smack-dab in the middle of summer, which means heat waves, sunshine-filled days, and plenty of time spent on the coast. With summer’s distinct weather pattern comes a specific wardrobe, one that is, thankfully, full of laidback styles, skin-baring silhouettes, and comfortable fabrics. To keep your closet up to date this season, follow these tips for styling summer’s hottest trends.

Denim Mini Skirt

This particular trend might take you back to the early 2000s, but the way to wear the denim mini skirt is decidedly different than it was almost two decades ago. This time around, pairing the mini with flip-flops is out, while effortlessly elevating the relaxed style with a few polished pieces is in. To achieve the perfect balance between casual and chic, Who What Wear recommends following three important rules: tuck in your shirt and/or wear a jacket, choose a skirt that isn’t too tight, short, or distressed, and wear low-heeled shoes or flats. With these fool-proof tips you can create an infinite number of summer-friendly outfits around one of the most comfortable, wearable, and versatile items in your closet, the denim mini skirt.

White Trainers

This summer, trainers are no longer to be exclusively worn on the occasional jog around the block or trip to the gym. Classic white kicks are the ‘it’ shoe of the season – good news for your wardrobe and your feet. They’re comfortable enough for a full day of shopping or errands, but stylish enough to wear with a sleek pair of culottes during a night out. For inspiration on how to style the fresh trend, browse Lyst’s collection of shoes. The edit of different designs includes a wide range of crisp white styles, from those cast in luxe leather to more casual canvas numbers perfect for relaxed summer afternoons. This clean style can be worn with literally anything, from sundresses to distressed denim to office-appropriate slacks, so make sure you break out this trend any chance you get.

Slip Dress

There is no doubt that the fashion world is currently loving all things 90s — not that we’re complaining. And, with the resurgence of the decade’s most popular pieces (choker necklaces and dark goth-inspired lipstick chief among them) comes the return of the ever-versatile slip dress. As this Style Caster post notes, the slip dress is half lingerie and half effortless dressing, evoking a sexy, insouciant elegance that’s just as comfortable being paired with Chuck Taylor high-tops as it is with a pair of come-hither strappy sandals. A staple of hot summer days that will prove to be a true throw-on-and-go uniform, the slip dress looks lovely when worn solo or a bit sporty when paired with a basic white tee and plaid button-up tied around the waist.

Guest post by Katherine Shepherd*

3 April 2016

Biker Jackets and Floaty Dresses

You know those outfits that you put together sometimes and although it may be really simple, when you look in the mirror you just think 'yes!'. This is one of those outfits for me. When I walked into H&M recently and saw this dress on the mannequin at the front of the shop, I instantly fell in love. I went to look at the price expecting it to be one of H&M's more pricey items, but much to my suprise it was only £15! It's one of those garments that has the entirety of my style in just one dress, so I'm completely heart eye emoji-ing right now!

Now onto the jacket, as I've been borrowing my housemates for the past few months, this was a very welcome gift! I previously had my dream leather jacket that I received for my birthday a few years back, but unfortunately someone stole it from a club cloakroom when I went out so have been using Sheena's since then! The first thing I noticed about this one from Lipsy was how soft the material is. I find some leather jackets can be very stiff and uncomfortable until they get worn in but this one is so flexible and soft that it's perfect.

The jacket is also part of the new collection from Lipsy in collaboration with Ariana Grande (someone who I'm slowly becoming more and more in love with). You can see the rest of the collection here, where you can also see the pink sleeveless cutout fit and flare dress which, although is more girly than I would usually go for, is definitely on my wishlist!

Dress, similar // Jacket*, Lipsy // Boots, New Look // Belt, similar

29 March 2016

Grey, Black and Grey

I've noticed recently that I'm hugely drawn to grey. As I sit writing this in my room, my bed sheets are grey, 3/4 of my clothes are grey, I have a mop of grey hair on my head and I'm sat in grey joggers and jumper. Not that it's a bad thing of course, I love the colour (colour? shade? whatever). It's slightly less plain than black, but is still as easy to wear as style so is perfect for a lazy day outfit like this one.

I went on a Forever 21 hunt recently and found some amazing bits for super cheap. Firstly these flares are what I live for. Black, velvet, and flared? You're killing me man. I've also wanted to find a nice fitting but also plain t-shirt for a while but not one that for some crazy reason costs £20/£30, so this one was perfect. I can't remember 100% but I think it was around £7 so pretty good.

As we're coming into the spring season now (despite all the rain we've recently had in Falmouth), I'm still not quite in the shape I'd like to be, so until I get there this cardigain from Label Lab at House of Fraser has been perfect for covering up little squidgy bits!

*Cardigain, Label Lab* // Flares, Forever 21 // Boots, New Look

19 February 2016

On the Trail of Dolce & Gabbana in Sicily

As we all know, Dolce & Gabbana is a real fashion powerhouse. Founded by two Italian designers, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, this brand is known for collections reflecting classic Italian fashion inspired by the 60s. The founders come from different sides of the country (Milan vs. Sicily), but they both shared a common passion that has resulted in an empire worth hundreds of millions of pounds by now. Following the trail of one of the founders, Domenico Dolce, let’s visit his homeland Sicily. 


As for accommodation, it's a child's play. Just browse the Internet, book your flight and choose the best place to stay. Websites like will be of help, as they offer many types of villas in Sicily where visitors can stay during their holiday on the island. Ready? Let's explore!
Polizzi Generosa is a small town near Palermo where Domenico was born in 1958. Located in the Madonie Mountains, it played an important role in the history of Sicily when it drove out Arab invaders. The main piazza features the ruins of an old castle. Another interesting spot is Piazza XXVII Maggio at the end of Via Garibaldi, that provides a magnificent view over the highest peaks of the Madonie Mountains.
Palermo, being closely located to Polizzi Generosa, is definitely a place to visit. It is also one of the favourite places of both designers. There are really a lot of places worth visiting: the street market La Vucciria, where the sights, the sounds and the smells will entice; Quattro Canti, officially Piazza Vigliena, is a square flanked by four ornate Baroque buildings from the 1580s and each corner features a fountain and a statue of a patron saint representing every season; Palazzo dei Normanni, a 19th century palace with remarkable Byzantine mosaics.
When the couple visits Sicily, they stay in their home in Stromboli in the Aeolian Islands. Reachable by boat, you will have the opportunity to experience the local and unique ambience. There are amazing traditional shops on small streets and on Saturday mornings, a market near the harbour opens to sell a vast array of delicious Sicilian foods.
Wouldn't it be exciting to visit and experience places connected to someone like Domenico Dolce?

Written by M.D
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5 February 2016

Black Boots Wishlist

I remember I had a pair of very plain black heeled chelsea boots a good few years back, and they were my absolute favourites. I could wear them with anything and were so incredibly comfortable that I would wear them for hours on end without pain. But like most shoes that get worn almost daily for a couple of years, they ended up having to be sent to shoe heaven as they started to come apart. Since then I am yet to find a pair of simple, classic black boots that fill the hole in my heart from my previous pair.

Whilst I am a huge lover of heels and love wearing them on any occasion, I've also been lusting after flat black boots recently as Falmouth is so damn hilly, it makes a small walk to the shops feel like a mountain trek when wearing heels. I have compiled a handful of boots that I saw on Jones Bootmaker that I am in love with right now. Some are flat, some are heeled, some are tasseled and others are completely plain. But all of which I'm seriously lusting over right now!

Which ones are your favourites? Mine has to be the all black, tasseled heels!

Top right and clockwise. 

*PR Collaboration

1 February 2016

Baseball Caps and Sports Jackets

Yes, these flares are back yet again. And no I'm really not sorry about it. When you're in love, you're in love, there's no two ways about it. I thought I'd try stying them in a slightly different way with this look though by giving it a more sporty feel. I added one of my favourite hats, this simple black baseball cap from Primark, and my new jacket (worn as a top) from Tokyo Laundry with its cricket-y vibe which is on sale now too. As it's a very casual look, I kept accessories simple with a little black choker and black heeled booties (not photographed).

28 January 2016

Grey Knits

At the moment, if you asked me my same colour to wear, the answer would definitely be grey. I know that isn't really a colour as such, more of a shade, but I am totally obsessed nevertheless! These two items from George at Asda are a perfect example of my ideal grey winter warmers. Despite the dress looking a little Christmasy, I've still been wearing it post 25th and haven't had any comments! As for the coat/cardi, I am so crazy in love with it. I feel super sassy and super warm when wearing it, two things any girl wants in a winter garment!

Unfortunately the two pieces below are sold out but check out the rest of their knitwear here!

Jacket* // Boots *

22 January 2016

Suede and Flares

You may (or may not) have noticed I've been absent for a little while as things in life all got a bit too much all at once. I'm not saying this is a come-back post, as when I start up again I want to have a whole new layout and everything, but I will be still posting every now and again.

Onto this look - no, I'm still not over flares yet. And like I said in one of my last posts, I can't see that happening anytime soon seeing as my love for them has gone on much longer than just the short period they've been in the shops and back in fashion. So of course, what goes better with 70s style flares? Why a 70s style suede top of course! This one if from Therapy at House of Fraser, and whilst I have to say I'm not a huge fan of the length of it (too short to tuck in, too long to have as a crop), I do love the material so after this I think I'm going to just take a few cms off the bottom so it suits me better!