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28 July 2015

Fresh Interior Design Trends to watch out for in 2015

Trends in interior home designs come and go. Every season, new styles are introduced or reinvented. A lot of creative recycling and versatility in decorating themes are seen in this year’s trends. Contemporary designs are mixed with vintage or antique styles resulting in bolder, stylish and unique trends that create surprising solutions in home furnishings and home interior designs. There are actually a lot of creative ways to maximize the use of your space while incorporating new trends. If you are looking into updating the look of your home based on new trends, here are some ideas to help you out.

1.    Statement lights. This is a good way to upgrade any room in your home as they look great whether they are switched on or not. Grid –like light fixtures are the new lighting trends for 2015. They look like sculptures that during the day they can act as statement accessories. They produce a lovely, glowing light and shadow patterns across the room when turned on. You can find statement lights designed by amazing interior designers from Cassina through Shop Mohd, an online furniture shop that features items in line with trends of this year.

Image source

2.    Natural and organic designs. For 2015, it is trendy to make use of nature to make the interior of your home look extraordinarily beautiful. Glass windows are so helpful in letting in natural light. Nature-inspired decorating patterns are likewise used to create an interior that is in tune with the environment. You can create your own herb garden in your kitchen or bring in some plants to place around your homes.

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3.    Vintage stuff. Boost the look of your bathroom by getting a claw-foot tub. It’s a good respite from highly technological homes. Old objects are treasures and you shouldn’t hide them away. You can make use of mason jars as vases. Old shutter windows can be used as statement décor in a living room as they add a point of interest as well as texture to the area. Stop by the flea market next time to find some interesting objects.

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19 July 2015

Paris Fashion Week Throwback

I recently found these outfit pictures taken my the very talented Emmanuel Robert when we were both in Paris for fashion week in February. We had just finished at the Mugler show (which was amazing, I may have internally passed out when Karlie Kloss came down the cat walk) and were taking a stroll back to Avenue des Champs-Élysées when we found a pretty little walkway where he took some outfit pictures for me. We also got to chat to Scott Schuman, who was surprisingly friendly and let us take a few snaps with him.

Obviously as this was from a little while ago, it's not overly suitible for summer as it was from winter! Until my next post which will be much more summery and colourful, head to Titanbet Bingo's site and their blog to see how you can easily inject a bit more bold colour into your looks, unlike mine down below! 

You guys should also go and check out Manny's work over on his facebook page if you get the chance. He studies fashion photography down in Falmouth with me so if you fancy having a look and giving his page a little like, that would be amazing!

 photo _MG_1702main_zpsctfc6ziw.jpg
Jeans // Boots*
   photo _MG_1698_zps83u8u60u.jpg
 photo _MG_1699 2_zpsylf4zejl.jpg
 photo _MG_1732_zps3rkoxjux.jpg
 photo _MG_1736_zpsqrqjwef5.jpg

 photo _MG_1693_zpsjkoupcrg.jpg
Scott Shuman and me!

 photo blahahahahahah_zpse127e98e.jpg

13 July 2015

Mustard Midi Skirt and Floral Heels

Long time no see! Whilst I am still having a break, I have a few outfits that I took a while ago and haven't got round to posting so wanted to share those before I do a whole re-design of my blog and everything!

This look is featuring one of my favourite new skirts from Missguided. Sometimes it's just too much effort to wear a short skirts, and constantly be pulling it down encase my bum is out or worrying if my legs look too big in it, so I love maxi and midis for the girly yet effortless look. I am in love with the colour of it as it's perfect for any season so, whilst I do have specific clothes for summer and winter, I can wear this skirt whenever!

 photo IMG_4630_zpsvsvgpj3w.jpg
Top // Skirt // Shoes*
 photo IMG_4639_zpszkvyxegf.jpg
 photo IMG_4641_zpszogljfjj.jpg
 photo IMG_4625_zpsqcbcpq34.jpg

5 May 2015

Thigh High Boots and Floppy Hats

Hi, my name's Alex. I don't suppose you remember me?

So yeah, it's been a long while since I've blogged as I've been taking a little break. Unfortunately I'm not writing today to say I'm back, I'm writing as I feel bad for not posting on here about my break. I wrote it on twitter but sometimes you forget that not all followers from each platform are the same people, so sorry if you missed that!

I feel like I need a break right now as my content is really slipping and I'd rather have a little time off to refresh and come back with top quality content, than pump out half hearted stuff that is of no interest to anyone. I also feel like I need a whole blog make over to refresh Bambella Blog, but as I'm at uni, I simply don't have the time right now. I finish in a matter of weeks though, so I'm really looking forward to getting back on the blogging train!

Until then, I have a few outfit posts from the last few weeks that I photographed but didn't have time to edit and publish. Below is a dress/top from Blue Vanilla (through the EtailPR) which I am in love with right now. It's so comfy and easy to wear, that with a few accesories you look like you've made an effort even when you haven't! For this look I added my new BagInc scarf (which I'm a little confused about as the label says 100% pashmina, but on the site it says 100% acrylic?!), my trusty floppy hat, two of my new favourite necklaces from Daisy Mae Jewellery, a pair of amazing shaper tights (which I freaking love as they suck me in amazingly) from Luxury Legs, and also my favourite shoes right now from SpyLoveBuy as they are super flattering on my legs!

Arrow necklace* // Mockingjay necklace* // Dress* // Scarf* // Boots* // Watch

1 April 2015

Black Flare Dungarees

You know you get those items that you see online, fall in love with and then get a little bit disappointed when they come, not because of the quality or make, but simply because you've put on a few more pounds than you'd realised and it doesn't fit quite like you'd imagined? This pair of dungarees is one of those items. On the model online they looked amazing, and I knew I'd put on a little bit of weight, but not so much that they wouldn't look so good. Alas!

Despite the fit on me, I think these dungarees are such a fun piece to have in any wardrobe, especially with the flare trend coming back, they the perfect pair for anyone not 100% committed to wearing an out-there pair like these two mad stylish ladies here and here!

Something that I was super duper happy with when it came to my door was this gorgeous little sun necklace from Daisy Mae Jewellery. Whilst I have more necklaces that you can imagine, I seemed to be lacking in simple, silver, stacking necklaces and this one fits the bill perfectly. I also got two more from them, one of which you can see in this IG post here, and another which will be featured soon, and all go together like a dream!

dungarees* // necklace* // shoes*

26 March 2015

Metallic Madness and Velvet Bows

Sometimes you have those items that when put together and put under a studio light, they just glow together. This outfit for example, isn't my average everyday look, but I couldn't resist putting it all together as it just looks so fun and the double metallic looks super futuristic.

Another few of my favourite new bits are this gorgeous blue velvet head band, thigh high boots and surprisingly, the little black shorts under my skirt. This Beauxoxo big bow headband is so lovely and love how oversized it is and gives the outfit a little bit of vinatge-y cuteness.

Another huge love of mine right now is these black thigh high boots. I'm sure you've seen lots of bloggers wearing these recently and I've managed to get on this trend train now, unlike normally where I'm about a year late! These from Spy Love Buy are so comfortable and soft that I can't stop wearing them!

These shorts under my skirt may seem like an odd thing to love so much, but I used to have some safety shorts, as I like to call them, like this but as I'd used them so much they ended up pretty tatty and holey. So I'm super happy to have this other pair from Ami Clubwear to make me feel safe and that I don't accidentally flash anyone when wearing a skirt or dress!

Hair bow* // Boots* // Shorts* // Tights* (15% off with code 'BAMBLOG15')

21 March 2015

In My Paris Toiletries Bag

I don't post that much about beauty any more as my main interests lie in fashion and personal style but I still have a huge interest in cosmetics in my day to day life. As I went to Paris last week for Fashion Week, I had to narrow down my toiletries to a small enough selection that I can travel with. As I know some of you guys like reading about beauty, I thought I would share with you my favourite items in my Paris cosmetics bag!
Left to Right - Sahar Morocco Argan Oil* // Touch of Silver shampoo & conditioner // Batiste dry shampoo
 This is a new product for me from Hairtrade, but I cannot stress how in love I am with it! I use it as a leave in conditioner on my wet hair after I've washed it and it leave it feeling amazingly soft. I really recommend it.

I use this shampoo and conditioner to keep my hair from turning too warm as I prefer a paler blue colour so use this to take out any warm, brassy tones. It's super cheap too which is a big bonus. 

Everyone and their mother has tried out this dry shampoo before so I don't need to say too much about it. I took it for those days when I woke up and was too tired to go through the hassle of washing my hair but still needed a little sprucing. 

Left to Right - Lush Tea Tree Water // Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream // Bliss make up remover* // Lauren's Way tanning mousse*
This is something I will always repurchase from Lush as it's such a delicate and relaxing product to spray on your face if you're having a phase of sore or broken out skin.

Whilst I have used some Clinique products before which I have really hated, but this is one that I have always loved. The beads are small so feel delicate on skin but still do the ideal amount of exfoliation.

I have to admit that I'm not a huge fan of this product but as the face wipes I was using recently made me break out really badly, I needed to use something to take my make up off and found this in the back of my cupboard. It takes most of my make up off but not enough so I don't wake up like a panda the next morning!

I've tried out a fair selection of self tanners before, and I am really pleased with the outcome of this. As long as you do the obvious preparation like exfoliation and moisturising, it gives a really natural look.

Left to Right - Burt's Bees lip balm & Burt's Bees hand balm // Ankh Rah Moringa Oil* // Bull Dog moisturiser
 I love these two items so much as they both smell gorgeous and are incredibly moisturising, something you need when travelling.

As I previously said, my skin hadn't been to great recently so needed some high quality oil to really moisturise the dry areas on my face. This perfect travel size moringa oil from Ankh Rah is lovely for this, but I will admit whilst it doesn't bother me too much, it does has a bit of a funny smell!

I actually stole this from Jack as he had a few bottles and needed a moisturiser for myself. I really love this form Bull Dog, as it's a thick and creamy consistency but soaks in really quickly.

Top to Bottom - Lush Chou Chou Toothy Tabs // Spooky Eyes Dream Eyes green contact lenses*
I obviously needed to take some tooth paste with me but wanted something that wouldn't take up too much space so took these toothy tabs from Lush. They are a weird concept which I honestly don't think I enjoy, but they did the job. 

I took these as I thought it would be fun to give these a go whilst wondering around Paris but I got a little too scared so am yet to give them a go. I will definitely try them soon, but as I have never used contacts before I'm going to wait until someone who has can help me!